taurus full moon

collage by Emily

Two Eclipses plus Mercury Retrograde have added up to an emotionally intense, relentless ride into the deepest, darkest and most mysterious aspects of life. Now, approaching Thursday’s Full Moon in Taurus (2:23 pm PST), the transformational energies brewing for the past six weeks are reaching a point of culmination and manifestation.

The Full Moon brings to light where we might still be holding on, playing it safe, and staying stuck in “survival mode” instead of full-on living. Earthy Taurus is the sign of material security and stability, resources, money, essential needs and bottom-line priorities. With Venus – ruler of Taurus and presiding deity of this Full Moon – in Scorpio and “in the Underworld” (i.e., so close to the Sun as to be invisible), we’re being pushed to transform our relationship with these areas of life, to “walk our edge” when it comes to how we get our needs met and create material security. To access a core level of INNER stability, amidst external destabilization.

At the deepest level, Taurus rules self-love and self-worth. So much of the work of the past six weeks has been about uncovering our authentic desires – what we feel passionate about, what brings us alive. The Taurus Full Moon asks, Do you feel worthy of receiving what you want? How much pleasure, prosperity, fun, ease… do you allow into your life? Again, these are areas where we’re being called to stretch outside our comfort zones, and heal the underlying wounds that keep us playing small and closing off to the greater flow of life.

saturnVenus is approaching her yearly-ish conjunction with Saturn, exact on November 12 (at 25 Scorpio), adding a “make it or break it” pressure to relationships, intimacy, sexuality, money and values. Venus-Saturn reveals and clarifies what is and isn’t working, what can be fixed, and what just needs to be released.

Echoing and reinforcing these themes, Mars – traditional ruler of Scorpio – is in Saturn-ruled Capricorn and approaching a conjunction with Pluto, exact November 10 (at 11 Capricorn). This is our desire nature in the cauldron of purification, a realignment of our personal will with our deepest soul mission. Helpful approaches to both conjunctions: reveal vulnerability, take responsibility for projections, be honest with ourselves and others about our authentic desires, and take a strategic approach to restructuring relationships.

Meanwhile, Mercury is in its final phase of emerging from its Retrograde shadow, and the Retro cycle will (finally!) end on November 10. We’re  bringing to completion a process that started when we entered the pre-Retrograde shadow on September 14 (which seems like a lifetime ago). Insights and intuitions that have been percolating beneath the surface rise into awareness, and call for ACTION.

To get more specific about what this Full Moon means for YOU, find the house in your birth chart that contains 14 degrees Taurus. The areas of life represented by that house are where events are coming to fruition or culmination; where you can get an important insight into your needs, values and/or resources; where you may be holding on out of “survival fear”; and where you may feel called to release an old attachment.

– Emily Trinkaus

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