sagittarius new moon

collage by Emily

The wickedly intense Scorpio season is coming to a close. (Can I get an amen?) The Scorpionic themes of death, crisis, survival and diving into emotional depths have been heightened by the Scorpio Solar Eclipse, Saturn in Scorpio, and Mercury’s Retrograde station in Scorpio.

This weekend marks a turning point, a reemergence from the Underworld, a renewal of our faith, enthusiasm and inspiration. The Sun shifts into Sagittarius on Saturday (1:38 am PST), and just a few hours later the Sun and Moon unite at the New Moon (4:32 am PST). Having been initiated into the profound mysteries of Scorpioland, having been shattered open by forces beyond the ego’s control, what wisdom and meaning want to arise? What’s true for you NOW?

Sagittarius is the sign of guides and guidance, truth and knowing, instinctual wisdom and natural law. Sagittarius is a Centaur – half-human, half-horse – and to know our truth, to get proper guidance, we need to access our wild, untamed, animal selves. The Centaur theme is particularly strong right now, as Chiron the Wounded Healer, the most famous Centaur, is stationing – standing still as it prepares to turn from Retrograde to Direct on Sunday (2:00 pm Pacific).

Chiron’s wound – the one he could never heal, despite his great healing powers – was, depending on the version of the myth, to his hip, leg or foot, the “animal” part of his being, his instinctual self. In a culture that denies our inherent connection with the natural world, that enforces a split between “higher” humans and “lower” non-human animals, that destroys the planet’s wilderness to feed the ever-expanding empire of industrial civilization, we could say that Chiron’s wound is the wound of the modern West.

piscesChiron stations in Pisces (13 degrees), the Source of all life, the Great Mother’s womb of consciousness. Chiron in Pisces says that, as long as we’re disconnected from the wild, from our instinctual natures, we’re also disconnected from Source. We feel abandoned by God/Goddess, all alone instead of All One. The healing path is to bring high-vibration Piscean unconditional love, acceptance, forgiveness and compassion to our bodies, to the places we feel wounded, weird, different from or less than. Grieving the past may also be part of the process.

The New Moon squares Neptune in Pisces, reinforcing the Chirotic themes of heightening sensitivity to collective energies and increasing access to imagination and the dreamtime. Neptune’s involvement with the New Moon wants to align our future vision with our highest ideals and deepest spiritual truths. As you set your New Moon intentions, feel into your body to discern what’s true for YOU, as Neptune can also bring in cloud of confusion if we are not grounded in our own experience.

Jupiter, traditional ruler of both Sagittarius and Pisces, is in Leo – calling us into the wisdom and truth of the heart. Jupiter squares both Mercury and Saturn in Scorpio, testing us to stay centered in our hearts, even when confronted with dark or depressing news or information. This isn’t about “spiritual bypass” (a Sagittarian shadow) – glossing over unpleasant realities to stay focused on the “bright side” – but rather fully acknowledging harsh realities and opening our hearts wider to take it ALL in. Can we trust that our heartbreak is also a heart opening, that the pain serves a higher purpose – to open us up to new levels of compassion and service?

To get more specific about what this New Moon means for YOU, find 0 degree of Sagittarius in your birth chart. The areas of life signified by that house are where you’re invited to: get a higher perspective and clarify your future vision; access and take the risk of acting on your instincts; renew your enthusiasm, faith and inspiration; speak and stand in your truth; and free yourself from limiting beliefs.

I’ll leave you with some wise words from Clarissa Pinkola Estes:

Suppose… the body is a God in its own right, a teacher, a mentor, a certified guide? Then what? …. Are we strong enough to refute the party line and listen deep, listen true to the body as a powerful and holy being?” (from Women Who Run with the Wolves)

– Emily Trinkaus

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