scorpio solar eclipse

collage by Emily

Submerged, disoriented, out of time, in-between worlds… For the past few weeks, we’ve been navigating the awkward, mysterious, sometimes magical and often very stressful time between two Eclipses. We feel the surge of transformational energies, the pressure to take a leap into a new reality, but the path is unclear, we have to find our way through the dark.

The Aries Lunar Eclipse on October 8 – a super-potent Full Moon – stirred up deep feelings and revelations about who we are and what we want. Now we’re approaching Thursday’s Scorpio Solar Eclipse (2:56 pm Pacific), an extra-powerful New Moon that asks us to deeply commit to what we love, value and desire, and release what no longer holds energy.

Eclipses always feel pretty edgy, bringing us into the dark, hidden places in our psyches, asking us to let go of what’s safe and known and surrender to the mystery. But this one more than usual, as Scorpio is the Edgewalker. In Daniel Giamario’s words: “Scorpio gets its power back, or gains power, by going up to and beyond whatever their personal edge is” (Shamanic Astrology Handbook). The Scorpio Solar Eclipse asks: Where are you losing power by playing it safe, by holding onto what drains your vitality?

Scorpio is the sign of death – the ultimate transformation – and Eclipses are also associated with death. I don’t know if this is statistically true, but it seems like more deaths occur during Eclipse Season, and during these particular Eclipses, there seem to be many more deaths happening. I know a lot of people going through profound grief right now, dealing with the death of friends, family members or companion animals. Scorpio carries the wisdom that, in order to live fully, we have to be alert to the reality of our inevitable death. The Scorpio Solar Eclipse confronts us with our mortality with the purpose of regenerating our aliveness, our passion for living, our commitment to fully being here now.

hecateVenus closely conjoins the Eclipse, currently in her “Underworld” phase as she travels so close to the Sun that she’s invisible to us Earthlings. Venus in Scorpio and in the Underworld is the goddess empowered by darkness and mystery – the Sorceress, Witch, Dark Goddess and Crone. As Venus is “eclipsed,” the Venusian arenas of relationship, love, sexuality, intimacy, values, resources, money, attraction and receptivity are in the cauldron of transformation, ripe for regeneration.

For the past few weeks, Mercury has been Retrograde in Venus-ruled Libra, ideally bringing intuitive downloads and revelations about these areas. The Eclipse catalyzes these insights into action, although the action may not be immediate – the effects of an Eclipse develop over the next six months. In the bigger picture, a Solar Eclipse sets into motion a new 19-year cycle.

galactic centerMars, the traditional ruler of Scorpio, is in expansive, freedom-loving, truth-seeking Sagittarius. All these metaphorical and literal deaths in Scorpio-Eclipse-land are ultimately in service to our liberation, to our inner truth, and the renewal of our enthusiasm and inspiration. At the time of the Eclipse, Mars is traveling close to the Galactic Center, increasing psychic access to a much bigger frame of reference, and opening the gates of perception to new insights and information.

To get more insight into what this Eclipse means for you, find the house in your chart that contains 0 degrees Scorpio. (If you don’t know how to do this, join me for tonight’s teleclass!) The areas of life signified by that house are where you are invited to: release what you’ve outgrown to make space for a new beginning; explore deep feelings and get in touch what you love, value and desire; and revisit and heal old wounds (including from past lives). How intense this Solar Eclipse is for you will depend on how it’s interacting with your birth chart. If you have any planets within a few degrees of the Eclipse (i.e., in the range of 28 degrees Libra to 2 degrees Scorpio), you’re likely to feel it very personally.

Tonight – in the deep dark of the Moon, the very end of the lunar cycle – is an optimal time for rituals of release, for grieving the past, really letting yourself feel all those crappy feelings associated with not getting what you wanted and losing what you had. As of Thursday at 2:57 pm Pacific, the energy will support setting intentions and making wishes for the new cycle.

– Emily Trinkaus

solar eclipseWant more insight into tomorrow’s Solar Eclipse? Want to find out what it means for YOU? It’s not to late to jump into tonight’s teleclass at 5:00pm Pacific! Can’t make it to the live call? No worries – all registrants will get the link to the recording, and you can listen any time. All are welcome, and you can participate from anywhere by phone or online. Details here.