Pisces Full Moon

collage by Emily

This has been one of the more intense lunar cycles – are you feeling it?? We’re coming up on a Super Full Moon (the last of 2014) in watery, uber-sensitive Pisces, stirring up strong feelings and opening our psychic sensors. The energies peak on Monday (6:38 pm Pacific), and if you’re feeling overwhelmed, weepy, exhausted and/or escapist then you’re perfectly in tune with the cosmos.

The Pisces Full Moon highlights and heightens our sensitivity to other people and our environment, and the existential suffering that arises from the paradox of being spiritual beings in physical form. The high-vibration expression of Pisces is unconditional love, ecstatic divine union, a felt connection with all life. As the last sign in the zodiac, Pisces is where everything dissolves back into the ocean of consciousness, where we lose the illusion of separation and remember the truth of our infinite Source selves. The challenge is how to stay connected with that ultimate spiritual truth, how to stay in that vulnerable, heart-wide-open place, while being in our bodies and on the planet.

This Piscean energy has been strong since the start of the lunar cycle on August 25, when the Virgo New Moon opposed Neptune in Pisces. Now, as we approach the Full Moon, the core theme of the Virgo-Pisces polarity – healing the separation between matter and spirit – emerges more fully into awareness, opening the potential for revelation and transformation. The Full Moon closely conjoins with Chiron the Wounded Healer, highlighting all the ways we feel separate from Source, abandoned by God/Goddess, or disconnected from our own souls.

chiron in piscesChiron’s involvement with the Full Moon amps up the intensity, bringing the potential for existential crisis or spiritual emergency. Is it safe for my soul to come fully into my body? As a sensitive person, how can I handle living on this crazy-ass planet? With the ongoing onslaught of violence and trauma in the collective field, and our emotional bodies more porous than usual, this is a tough time for us sensitive types, and it can be easy to fall into shadow Pisces – addiction, escapism, victimization, helplessness.

Take a break from Virgo-season busyness to tend to your soul and feel your feelings. Honor your sensitivity and be compassionate with yourself. Unplug from the energy of collective trauma and reconnect with the ultimate level of reality, where everything truly is in divine order (despite apparent evidence to the contrary). If you feel overwhelmed by the suffering in the world, find one small thing you can do to relieve suffering in your immediate environment. Piscean paths to healing include music, dance, art, meditation, prayer, dream work and grief work.

For more insight into what this Full Moon means for YOU, find the house in your birth chart that contains 16 degrees Pisces. (Don’t know how to do this? You can get the recording of my New Moon teleclass and get the necessary astro-technical skills!) The areas of life signified by this house are where you’re invited to: reconnect with your spiritual source and receive an infusion of divine love; open to guidance from your dreams, intuition and imagination; surrender having to have all the answers or the perfect plan and trust the mysterious flow of life; and allow for more compassion and forgiveness.

– Emily Trinkaus

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