aquarius full moon

collage by Emily

Sunday’s Full Moon in Aquarius (11:09 am Pacific) shines the light on: your ideals and vision for the future; innovation, creativity and genius; friends, groups, communities and organizations; and using your unique gifts in service to the collective.

The Full Moon will appear bigger and brighter than usual – a “SuperMoon” – meaning that the Moon is at apogee, traveling closest to Earth. This is the closest SuperMoon of 2014. We’re likely to feel its effects more powerfully, meaning high emotional tides, along with enhanced opportunities for healing, revelation and breakthrough.

This lunar cycle started with the Leo New Moon on July 26, which was conjunct giant Jupiter and encouraged you to dream big, take a risk, and follow your inspiration. Now, at the peak of the cycle, the Full Moon forms a a tense square (90-degree angle) to serious, cautious, uber-pragmatic Saturn, traditional ruler of Aquarius. This Saturnian Full Moon tests your commitment to your vision, and challenges you to bring your dream into reality.

Saturn works through PRESSURE – are you feeling the squeeze? Saturn can feel like a buzz kill on the Leo Sun’s fun and spontaneity, and the Aquarius Moon’s freedom and flow. The emotion associated with Saturn is FEAR, and the Full Moon stirs up Leo/Aquarian “issues” around: belonging and not belonging (feeling like the Outsider or Alien); seeking approval and fearing rejection if you really let your freak flag fly; and suppressing your true self and playing a role to fit in and be accepted.

saturnALL astrological alignments can be worked with productively, and Saturn can be your best friend (really). Saturn in Scorpio reveals the subconscious fears holding you back and sabotaging your future. As the “reality check” planet, Saturn brings your airy Aquarius vision down to Earth, giving it foundation and roots. Saturn asks, what kind of structure, container, system, strategy do you need? What’s your step-by-step plan for making it REAL?

Saturn is Chronos/Kronos, aka Father Time, and in our overly busy-busy world it’s easy to plead “not enough time” when it comes to living our creative dreams. Jazz genius Duke Ellington said, “I don’t need time. I need a deadline.” Deadlines are the domain of Saturn, and deadlines are my lifelines – without them, my procrastinator-perfectionist takes over, and nothing gets done. Time pressure, rather than being a drag on your freedom, can actually liberate some stellar creative mojo.

If you have a copy of your birth chart and some astro-technical know-how, you can get more insight into what this Full Moon means for YOU. Find the house in your chart that contains 18 degrees Aquarius. The areas of life signified by that house are where you’re invited to:  commit to your creative genius and future vision; make a strategic plan to give your gifts to the world; manifest your ideals through practical action; feel and move through your fears of being the weirdo and being rejected for your freakiness.

– Emily Trinkaus

aquariusHello, Priestess! Want support for navigating these intense lunar energies, clearing the fear, tuning into your higher vision, and giving it structure and roots? Join super-Aquarian energy-healing genius Katie Todd and me on Friday for our Aquarius Full Moon teleclass. All women are welcome, and you can participate by phone, online, or via recording from anywhere in the world. More info here.