chiron in pisces

collage by Emily

Not feeling so summer-fun festive? Summer Solstice on Saturday (3:52 am Pacific) is the peak of light, a time to celebrate your creations and the Earth’s abundance. But Chiron in Pisces turns Retrograde today (3:39 am Pacific), churning up deep feelings and revealing wounds. Chiron’s Retrograde is the last of three in the Water element this month, turning attention inward for emotional healing.

Chiron Retro in Pisces stirs up the pain of feeling separate from Source, which can show up in the form of helplessness, hopelessness, addiction, escapism and/or denial. Where do you feel like a victim? Where do you want to check out and go unconscious? Where have you lost your trust? Where do you need to grieve?

Chiron’s trine with Saturn in Scorpio, strong at the Solstice and in effect all month, suggests the potential for dissolving wounds and softening defenses through the Piscean strategies of compassion, surrender, and unconditional love and acceptance. How can you bring more love to the denied, shadowy, painful parts of yourself?

Retrograde Mercury, now in late Gemini, closely conjoins the Solstice Sun (at 0 Cancer), emphasizing the Retro theme of resolving and releasing the past, and doing the inner work to prepare for outer expansion. The first half of 2014 has been characterized by LOTS of Retro energy, so at Summer Solstice – typically a time of creative fruition – what’s coming to light may be more on the inner, a culmination of behind-the-scenes preparation. (Southern Hemisphere friends are in the vision-seed-planting deep dark time of Winter Solstice.) Mid-July is when this year really gets rocking, when the cosmic forces are finally ready to support your great leap forward.

summer solsticeThe Moon – the ruler of Cancer and a powerful force at Solstice – is in Aries, stressfully sandwiched between Uranus and the South Node, and squaring Jupiter in Cancer. While the Moon wants safety and security, revolutionary Uranus wants to break you out of your comfort zone and free you from old patterns. The Aries South Node points to patterns of operating in “survival mode,” as if in a constant state of emergency, reacting from the adrenal-amped state of fight, flight or freeze.

Needless to say, this way of being – basically the default mode in the modern West – is very hard on the body, specifically the nervous system (ruled by Uranus). When your body is on emergency alert, there’s no energy for healing, recovery and regeneration. And not only does high-stress reactivity subvert your body’s ability to heal itself, it also makes it hard to respond effectively to whatever is actually happening in the present.

The square between the Moon and South Node in Aries and Jupiter in Cancer says that, when we’re stuck in emotional reactivity, we’re not able to tune into our intuition, which requires slowing down and dropping into a deeper level of truth. Staying in high-stress-busy-busy mode might even be an unconscious strategy for avoiding a deeper level of knowing or guidance. The best approach is to get out of the “story” in your head – all the “reasons” why you’re so stressed – and instead just attend to the feeling itself. Let yourself really FEEL the fear, anxiety, worry, notice where it lives in your body, breathe through the discomfort.

The Libra North Node – the path of evolution – calls for becoming an agent of peace. Not the false peace of people-pleasing and sacrificing your own desires to be “nice” (which ultimately generates MORE anxiety and stress for everyone), but practicing inner peace from moment to moment – again, going for the feeling itself. What helps you FEEL peaceful? What brings you more into your heart? What supports you to respond from a place of feeling centered, balanced and peaceful versus reacting from your inner adrenaline junkie?

mars in libraMars the Sacred Masculine, planet of action and desire, is also in peace-loving Libra, and passing through the Uranus-Pluto square, which may not feel so peaceful. The emotion associated with Mars is anger, which can show up as frustration, crankiness and irritability. Anger can help us identify what we really want (and are not allowing ourselves to have), and where we need to take action and/or set a boundary. This is Mars in Libra’s third and final interaction with the Uranus-Pluto square, a process (starting last December) of releasing desires that no longer serve us, and awakening a deeper level of courage and authenticity.

On a collective level, the shadow masculine – Mars without Venus – is living large, in the seemingly endless escalation of war, violence, rape. It’s clear that peace will not come from above (it never does), not from the governments and corporations that rule the world. This is what the Uranus-Pluto square is all about – awakening to our true power in the face of increasing control and repression. Waiting for someone else to make peace is a recipe for shadow Pisces helplessness and depression. But as each of us embodies and enacts peace in our everyday lives, WE create the peaceful world we desire.

I’ll leave you with some Michael Franti Libran Mars love. Power to the peaceful is my Solstice prayer.

– Emily Trinkaus

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