mercury retrograde

collage by Emily

Greetings from bed. Cooperating with the current cosmic energies, I’ve returned to bed to write this post, cozy under the covers with a cup of tea and cat by my side.

Mercury doesn’t officially turn Retro until Saturday, but I’m already noticing those tell-tale signs – you too? The urge for more BEING and less DOING; fuzzy-headedness leading to mistakes, miscommunications and memory lapses (my editor over at New Connexion just emailed me about an erroneous astro-date I put in my column – me! with four Virgo planets!!); the need to reschedule and rearrange existing plans; unexpected delays and technical glitches.

As Mercury the Messenger – typically speedy planet of connection, communication and intellect – slows down and prepares to reverse directions, we’re called to do the same. All the “re” words apply: retreat, regenerate, reflect, reconsider, review… Mercury stations Retrograde on June 7 (until July 1) in comfort-seeking Cancer, drawing us into the innermost realm of deep feelings, and asking us to rethink what truly nurtures, supports and sustains us. Home, family, root system and foundation are all up for review, renewal and reconnection during this Retrograde.

mercury retrograde in cancerCancer wants emotional security, and Retrograde planets are all about the inside job, so this Mercury Retro wants us to turn inward and reconnect with our true source of safety and security within ourselves. Mercury reverses back into Gemini on June 17, and this Cancer-to-Gemini, Water-to-Air shift can help us get new perspectives on our habitual emotional responses, family past, and early-life conditioning.

Let’s REview the basic Mercury Retro guidelines:  take your time with important communications; don’t be afraid to repeat yourself or ask for clarification; leave extra time getting to appointments; double-check the details; and avoid signing contracts and buying electronics (cars, computers, etc.). If you need to break the Mercury-Retro rules, best to wait until after June 19, the midpoint of the Retrograde cycle. And if you haven’t backed up your computer data lately, now’s the time!

Mercury is just the first of three planets to turn Retrograde in the Water signs this month. Neptune turns Retro in Pisces on June 9, followed by Chiron in Pisces on June 20 (coinciding with Solstice). This trio of watery Retrogrades stimulates much emotional churning – deep feelings rising to the surface, heightened sensitivity and vulnerability, getting easily triggered, crying for no apparent reason. Retrograde planets stir up the past, and in the Water signs, this is about old emotional wounds coming into awareness, ripe for healing.

jupiterAdding to all this watery goodness, the Grand Water Trine of Jupiter in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio and Chiron in Pisces is still strong for another week or so, meaning that there’s great cosmic support for: committing to and getting support for your healing process; taking responsibility for working through emotional shiznit; releasing what doesn’t feel good and what’s not aligned with your emotional truth; establishing practices, systems and structures that feel nourishing and supportive; softening defenses to allow for more ease and flow. The thing about trines (even GRAND ones) is that they can be passive and lazy, and require a bit of intention and effort. Take one small step to activate the magic.

With some astro-technical know-how, you can get more insight into what this upcoming Mercury Retro means for YOU. Find the house or houses in your birth chart that contain 24 degrees Gemini to 3 degrees Cancer. The areas of life indicated by the house/s are where you’re invited to: review and reconnect with sources of nourishment and support; back up to revisit, re-do or complete something from the past; heal from old emotional wounds; use your intuition to get a new perspective.

– Emily Trinkaus

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