mars station direct

collage by Emily

Mars – action, passion, desire – starts moving forward again today (6:31 pm PDT), ending his Retrograde journey that started March 1. If you’ve been feeling sluggish, sleepy, resistant and just wanting to hole up and be still, then you are perfectly in tune with the cosmos.

As Mars stations – appears to stand still in the sky as he changes directions – the action principle is suspended, on hold, caught between past and future. A part of us that’s been backstage or on retreat is preparing to reemerge, but not quite yet. We’re completing a process of regenerating vitality, redefining goals and desires, recharging motivation and enthusiasm. As Mars starts moving forward, sparks of inspiration and clarity are now available.

I had intended to start this post on Saturday, didn’t happen, and then sat down to work on it last night. No go. It wasn’t until after listening to the last session of the class I’ve been taking with Andrew Harvey, and then an interview with Caroline Casey (part of the very awesome Inspiring Women Summit) that I finally had a sense of what I wanted to say. Before I could write (take action) I needed to fill up on inspiration and be reminded of what’s really important (and make the above collage). Pushing through on my own wasn’t working – I needed to cooperate with the energy of this Mars station before I could write about it!

What in you resists the challenge to put love into action?” was Andrew Harvey’s final question for students, and to me this gets to the heart of Mars Retrograde in Libra. Venus-ruled Libra is the sign of love, while Mars is the planet of courageous action. Mars in Libra is the masculine principle in service to the feminine – having the courage to assert, stand up for, defend and protect what we love and value. (Just to be clear, I’m not equating masculine and feminine with men and women – I’m referring to the masculine and feminine, animus and anima, within ALL of us.)

mars in libraMars Retrograde in Libra has asked us to get in touch with our inner Love Warrior. What is it that you love so deeply and so passionately that you’re willing to take committed, courageous action? During Mars’ journey through Libra, he’s intersected with the Uranus-Pluto square, meaning that this question of love in action extends beyond the personal realm – waking up and stepping into our own Love Warrior is not only about coming into deeper integrity and vitality in our own lives, but about being part of the “army of lovers” (another great Libran Mars phrase, courtesy of Andrew Harvey) working to counter the suicidal/ecocidal/genocidal trajectory of humanity:

It is absolutely clear to anyone with half a heart and an open mind, to anyone who is not in denial that if we do not now have on the earth an organized, coherent, humble, empowered, divinely inspired, worldwide grassroots movement of divine love and wisdom in action, humanity will die out and take a great deal of nature with it.” (Andrew Harvey, from The Christ Path)

Yes, it’s a daunting challenge, which is why depression (shadow Mars) is so popular right now. The good news is, we don’t have to do everything ourselves, we just have to do our part, and there is support available. Part of the Mars in Libra lesson is that we need each other. The macho Marlboro Man version of masculinity is not cutting it – this isn’t the time to tough it out, go it alone, and maintain a pretense of holding it all together. As Caroline Casey says, “we can’t save the world without partnering with everything” (trust me, you really want to listen to this entire interview).

Word to the wise – although Mars starts moving forward again today, we’re not entirely out of the Mars Retro “shadow” (i.e., we continue to be under the influence) until July 20. And! Mercury is about to enter into its next Retrograde cycle, June 7 to July 1, though we’ll be in the shadow starting May 23 and until July 16. All of which is to say – whatever you’ve been wanting to launch into the world in a big way will be VERY supported by the cosmic winds starting in mid-late July. Until then, keep working your behind-the-scenes juju, doing the inner preparation and healing that will help you move forward. Patience, patience, my friends. The unfolding, as always, is perfect.

– Emily Trinkaus