libra full moon

Libra Full Moon, collage by Emily

Whoa, Nellie. There’s a lot of wild emotional energy flying around, a lot of uncertainty and chaos, many known and unknown unknowns. Deep breath, my friends. The Aries New Moon on March 30 sparked us into Eclipse season – a six-week period of high-intensity growth and change. And the upcoming peak of the Cardinal Grand Cross, April 20-23, is amping up the pressure.

Eclipse Season serves as a portal into a new reality, which is all well and good, but when you’re IN the portal (like, now), it can be mighty uncomfortable and anxiety-producing. We’re in that awkward in-between stage, the old reality crumbling away while the new reality, the new self, doesn’t even know WTF it is, it’s not yet time to know.

Eclipses ask you to make friends with the dark – the darkness of the mysterious, unknowable Great Mystery, the darkness of your own deep, yucky feelings now erupting to the surface. This is a time for invoking TRUST and COURAGE. Trusting the cycle of death and rebirth, trusting that there WILL be a rebirth, even if you’re currently stuck in the dark and the dying with no signs of new life. The courage to feel your intense feelings, shed another layer, and let go of what wants to end.

lunar eclipseFirst up is next Tuesday’s Lunar Eclipse in Libra (12:44 am Pacific) – a super-potent Full Moon illuminating the parts of yourself you’ve been denying or hiding. The light of consciousness is swallowed by the dark, and the shadow wants to be revealed. The Libran shadow is co-dependence – where are you being “nice” at the expense of being authentic? Where are you sacrificing your desires and vitality to “keep the peace”? Where are you holding back your creativity and individuality because you’re afraid people won’t like you? Where do you wear a mask of caretaking to hide your true self?

Turning up the volume on the shadow-revealing nature of this particular Eclipse, Pluto – God/Goddess of the Underworld – is now stationing, preparing to turn Retrograde on Monday. This activation of Pluto in Capricorn so near the Libra Eclipse asks you to look at the consequences of projecting (Libra) your authority (Capricorn). Are you blaming someone else for your own unhappiness and lack of fulfillment? Who’s the author of your life?

The ongoing opposition between Jupiter in Cancer and Pluto in Capricorn – one of the polarities in the Cardinal Cross – uncovers and sheds light on your “parent gods” (Jupiter is god, Cancer and Capricorn are the parenting signs). When you were a child, your parents were your literal creator gods, and your survival depended on pleasing them (or at least not pissing them off excessively), following their rules, adopting their religion/worldview, etc.

jupiterThe Jupiter-Pluto opposition reveals where these parent gods are still hiding out in the deep recesses of your psyche, running the show from behind the scenes. Where are you still playing by your family’s rules? Where are you still playing out your childhood survival strategy of contorting/distorting/suppressing/ignoring your true self? And, asks the Libra Eclipse, how are these parent-god dynamics playing out in current relationships – with your partner, boss, friends, clients, etc.? Are you checking in to see “how you’re doing” by looking outside yourself for other people’s validation and approval?

The Cardinal Cross is so much about daring to be who we really are at a time when we can’t afford not to, and having to shed shed shed all that programming that tells us it’s not safe, it’s not possible, why bother anyway. All hands on deck, please – this is not the time to play small (if there ever was one), not the time to hide out living someone else’s path or purpose. Wise mythologist Michael Meade reminds us that NOT living your purpose is not a “neutral situation” – the gifts you’re not using turn against you and destroy you from within.

Venus plays a starring role this Eclipse Season, as the ruler of both Libra and Taurus – the sign of the upcoming Solar Eclipse on April 28. Throughout this period, Venus is in Pisces (April 5 to May 2), which in its conscious expression opens you to a “higher love” – unconditional acceptance, forgiveness, compassion, ecstasy and oneness. High-vibration Venus in Pisces sees the divine reflected in the other, and sees that “the other” is in fact the self; human relationships become a path to deepening relationship with Source. Shadow Venus in Pisces is the martyr/victim on the altar of love, the delusional romantic, the love addict – projecting god-like powers onto another and then feeling victimized by the power you’ve projected (or, falling prey to the delusion that YOU’RE god and have to save/rescue the other).

chiron in piscesAt the first Eclipse, Venus is sandwiched between Neptune in Pisces and Chiron in Pisces, bringing attention to longer-term planetary themes. How do we use our emotional sensitivity to the massive suffering engendered by the imploding of industrial civilization to encourage healing, evolution and empowerment rather than feeling overwhelmed and getting sucked into depression, addiction and victimization? How can we use our Divine Feminine spiritual connection as fuel for our Sacred Activist selves, rather than a place to escape to and hide out in (as in, the denial and delusion of shadow New Age “spiritual materialism”).

Eclipses stir up the past – people from your past can resurface, old issues come up for reassessment and healing. Eclipses happen every six months, and it’s helpful to look back to what was going on at the previous Eclipses, because similar themes and issues are likely to show up in your life (and on the world stage). Last fall we had a Lunar Eclipse in Aries on October 18, followed by a Solar Eclipse in Scorpio on November 3. What was shifting in your life then? Which buttons were getting pushed? How does that relate to what’s happening now?

19 years ago, in 1995, we had Eclipses at the same degrees of the zodiac (i.e., a Lunar Eclipse at 25 degrees Libra followed by a Solar Eclipse at 8 Taurus). The parts of your chart – houses and (if applicable) planets – activated by the current Eclipses, were activated in April 1995, and similar themes are likely to arise. Something you initiated then – a life direction, project, relationship, approach to relating, etc. – may now be coming to fruition, culmination and/or ending. In case you’re having a hard time remembering 1995 (and, unlike me, you weren’t obsessively keeping journals that you can now revisit and feel mortified by): the Oklahoma City bombing happened on April 19 that year, Radiohead’s “Fake Plastic Trees” and Alannis Morisette’s “You Oughta Know” were released, and “Toy Story” was the highest-grossing film.

For more insight into what this Lunar Eclipse means for YOU, find the house in your birth chart that contains 25 degrees Libra (and yes, everybody has Libra in their chart – read this post to find out how to find it). The areas of life signified by that house are where: change is brewing, volatile energy is erupting, and something from the past is coming to culmination, fruition or completion; where you’re being called to recalibrate your scales and return to dynamic balance; where awareness of and owning your projections can lead to deep healing and a greater sense of personal power.

– Emily Trinkaus

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