leo full moon

painting by Susan Seddon Boulet

The Full Moon in Leo – the sign of love, romance and celebration – lights up Valentine’s Day this year (Friday, 3:53 pm Pacific). Leo rules the heart, and this Full Moon reconnects you with your heart’s true desires, creative passion and inner light. At best, the Leo Full Moon inspires your generosity, nobility and courage when it comes to giving and receiving love, and trusting your heart’s guidance.

Although Leo is all about fun and festivity, this Full Moon squares Saturn, potentially stirring up a more somber tone and deep emotional currents. Saturn in Scorpio specifically highlights blocks, fears and challenges around emotional intimacy and sexuality, as well as revealing wounds related to abandonment, betrayal and abuse. Saturn’s square to the Full Moon is likely to reveal the areas where you DON’T feel happy, creative or festive and you’re not having fun. Where is your heart closed-off and defended?

Scorpio is the sign that lives in the Underworld and Saturn in Scorpio loves to reveal the shadow or dark side of whatever it touches. One shadowy expression of Leo is seeking approval, love, validation and applause from others. This is Leo identified with the ego instead of the heart. Saturn’s square to the Leo Moon asks: Are you giving others the power to define your lovability? Where do you give away your authority when it comes to love, creativity, and pursuing your heart’s desires?

At last year’s Leo Full Moon, which also squared Saturn, I wrote:

saturnThe Leo Full Moon evokes our inner child, while the square to Saturn – planet of maturity, responsibility and commitment – asks, What steps can you take to help your inner child grow up, and can you do so with love, acceptance and patience rather than harshness, judgment and self-punishment (shadow Saturn)? (Creativity, Courage and Commitment)

Ultimately, Saturn is about mastery – showing you the work that needs to be done so you can step into more of your authority and power. At this Full Moon, Saturn reveals the old emotional shiznit that wants to be released, healed, transformed so you can open your heart and feel more loving, happy and confident, so you can stand more fully in the authority of your heart’s wisdom.

Retrograde Mercury opposes the Full Moon, bringing the past into focus – the times you felt unloved, unseen and unappreciated, and the old fear-based patterns that block the flow of love. Marianne Williamson’s wise words have been in my email signature for the past month, and are a helpful reminder for this Full Moon: “We are not held back by the love we didn’t receive in the past, but by the love we’re not extending in the present.

full moonTo get more insight into what this Full Moon means for YOU, find the house in your birth chart that contains 26 degrees Leo. The areas of life signified by that house are where you’re being called to: feel into your heart’s authentic desires; courageously commit to your creativity and passion; heal childhood wounds and fears around letting your light shine; and deepen into, open up to, and radiate more LOVE.

– Emily Trinkaus

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