aries lunar eclipseFriday’s Lunar Eclipse is a super-charged Full Moon – lots of emotional energy, a cooker pressure kind of feeling, and the contents of the subconscious rising into awareness (hello, shadow material). This energy has been building since the power-packed Libra New Moon on October 4, and comes to culmination over the next few days.

Eclipses take us on a journey through darkness, which, successfully navigated, serves as a portal, a birth canal, into a new reality. At a Lunar Eclipse, the light of the Full Moon is temporarily darkened by the Earth’s shadow, a resetting of consciousness. This process is typically uncomfortable (understatement!) and requires some degree of surrender and a hell of a lot of TRUST. In the dark, we have to rely on how we feel rather than what we see, on our inner guidance rather than having something tangible to hold onto “out there.”

The Lunar Eclipse is in Aries – the fiery sign of desire, action, initiation, individuality and vitality. The first sign of the zodiac, Aries is pure Eros, the raw energy from which we create, and the fiery spark that catalyzes new beginnings. The Aries Eclipse asks:  What do you really want? What brings you alive? How can you express more of your passion, individuality, authenticity and creativity?  The opposition of the Aries Moon and Libra Sun highlights the polarity of self and other, instinct and reason, passion and detachment, independence and collaboration, conflict and harmony, selfishness and selflessness.

Often around Eclipses we can feel a strong urge to DO something, and this is especially true with an Eclipse in impulsive, impatient, “just do it” Aries. My wise astro teacher John Marchesella used to say about Eclipse Season (and probably still does) – “Just go to the movies!” Although we might get all amped-up with the urge to make something happen, it’s probably either too late or too soon to take action. Better to wait until the emotional intensity has subsided before making a major move. Instead, we can focus that urge to DO something toward healing the issues that are getting stirred up, and working with the powerful Eclipse energies at the level of ritual and magic.

MarsThere are a few cosmic clues that alert us to be especially cautious about the steps we take around this Eclipse. First, action planet Mars – the ruler of Aries and the presiding deity of the Eclipse – is in Virgo, exactly opposite Neptune in Pisces, god/goddess of the ocean and signifier of the invisible realm of dreams, the imagination, oneness consciousness and Source. Mars-Neptune has been described as shooting an arrow… into the ocean. Not very effective. Unconsciously navigated, Mars-Neptune gets expressed as weak, dissipated vitality (often showing up as illness), confused action, not knowing what you want and therefore failing to do anything, feeling incapable of asserting yourself and pursuing your desires.

But the higher side of Mars-Neptune is the Spiritual Warrior – committed action on behalf of the greater whole, an alignment of personal will with divine will, powerful engagement and co-creation with invisible forces. Access the witchy power of Mars in Virgo by stepping up your self-care habits, purifying your body, and cleaning your home – both the physical and energetic “stuff” that’s accumulated (light up that sage…). Activate your Spiritual Warrior through prayer, meditation, ritual, surrendering to the Mystery while fully grounded and centered in your body and in present time.

The second cautionary cosmic clue is that Mercury is about to turn Retrograde on October 21 (until November 10), and we’re already in the “shadow” – i.e., feeling the influence – as of October 1. For best results, follow the basic Mercury Retro navigation guidelines:  slow down, double-check the details, allow more time than usual to get where you’re going, postpone signing contracts and buying electronics (computers and cars), complete projects from the past rather than initiating new beginnings, back up your computer data, be flexible, and keep your sense of humor.

scorpioMercury Retro can be a useful time to get a new perspective on an issue or challenge, and these insights typically come more from intuition than logic. Mercury Retro in Scorpio focuses attention on:  revisiting and healing old emotional wounds so we can feel more empowered; rethinking and renegotiating intimate relationships (including business partnerships); and cleaning up lingering old financial issues (especially involving debt and taxes).

Both Mercury Retro and Eclipses turn our attention to the past. You’ll want to reflect on the previous set of Eclipses, about six months ago, as similar themes and issues are likely to get stirred up by the current Eclipses. Typically, Eclipses come in pairs (one Solar and one Lunar), but last Spring we were gifted with three: a Scorpio Lunar Eclipse on April 25, a Taurus Solar Eclipse on May 9, and a Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse on May 24.

It’s also useful to reflect on what was happening in your life 19 years ago, as Eclipses have a 19-year cycle, meaning that they recur at the same degree of the zodiac every 19 years. On November 3, 1994, there was a Solar Eclipse at 11 degrees Scorpio, the same as the upcoming one this November 3. What seeds were planted in your life then? What’s now coming to a culmination or end? What seeds of intention and desire do you want to plant for the next 19 years?

For deeper insight into what Friday’s Lunar Eclipse means for YOU, find the house in your birth chart that contains 25 degrees Aries. The areas of life signified by that house are where:  change is brewing, volatile energy is erupting, and something from the past is coming to culmination, fruition or completion; where you’re being called to activate your Spiritual Warrior; and where you’re asking the Aries questions, What do I really want? Where is my vitality and excitement calling me? What would it look like just to be my authentic self?

– Emily Trinkaus

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