virgoThe Sun moved into Virgo on August 22, bringing a back-to-school, end-of-summer feeling, although fall won’t officially begin until the Sun enters Libra (September 22). The long lazy Leonine days of basking in the Sun are over, and it’s time to do the hard work of harvesting our creations, discerning what to keep and what to compost, and planning for the darker days ahead.

Thursday’s New Moon in Virgo (4:37 am PDT) invites you to plan your next step forward, clarify your priorities and intentions, and get your routines in order so you can be efficient, productive and healthy in the coming cycle. Discernment is one of Virgo’s gifts – what in your life is truly nourishing, and what’s just getting in your way? What areas of life have become chaotic, disorganized, overwhelming, confusing, unmanageable? Virgo wants to simplify, purify, refine, heal, improve, organize, streamline and synthesize, to create divine order in body, mind, environment and spirit.

Virgo is the sign that rules both health and work, and this is the best New Moon of the year for taking steps to improve your health and make a new start in your work life. (This includes finding a new job – if that’s where you’re at, make your New Moon wishes!) You might consider the relationship between work and health – as in, does your work life contribute to your overall well-being and vitality, and if not, what adjustments can you make? Virgo rules the “little things” and reminds us that small changes can make a big difference.

chironThe New Moon opposes Chiron in Pisces, increasing sensitivity to the pain and suffering of the collective and of our beloved planet. We’ve been in this Chirotic energy for the past few days (the Sun exactly opposed Chiron on Tuesday), and Chiron’s involvement with the New Moon imprints this entire lunar cycle with the poignancy of feeling our connection with All That Is, along with the temptation to fall into denial, despair and escapism (shadow Pisces).

In the face of yet another US invasion, reports of 300 tons a day of radioactive water from Fukushima flooding the ocean, and the news of countless other horrors too overwhelming to wrap our little minds around let alone process, it’s very easy to want to check out, go unconscious, and float around in an out-of-body trance state where Earth school seems a little less harsh and a little more manageable. The problem with this is that our place of power is actually in our bodies, grounded to the Earth, and fully available to the present moment.

One of the big lies of our time is that you can’t make a difference, that nothing you do really matters – in your own life or in the life of the collective. The corporate media broadcasts fear and powerlessness, enforcing the global elite’s agenda of producing a docile, paralyzed public, eager to buy the latest techno-gizmo or support the next war to satiate feelings of emptiness and insecurity. Surrendering sovereignty becomes a daily pastime, as people project their authority – their instinctual knowing, their body’s own wisdom, their power to create a desirable future – onto the “experts” – the politicians, doctors, newscasters, CEOs, and even (for the new agey types) out-of-body beings, ascended masters, aliens, etc.

virgoI know I’m a little biased, but I think Virgo is one of the most misunderstood archetypes of the zodiac. The Virgin archetype has nothing to do with chastity and everything to do with sovereignty and self-possession – “she who is whole unto herself,” in the words of Marion Woodman. A person who is self-possessed is not easily controlled or manipulated. She’s not looking for outside validation to affirm her worth, she’s not desperate for other people’s approval, and she knows that true power comes from within her own body, and from her connection with something beyond the “little me” personal self (integration with Pisces).

The Virgo New Moon wants you to call your power back into your body, get focused on your here-and-now reality, and work on perfecting and healing what’s right in front of you. This is not about obsessively reorganizing your refrigerator every other day (shadow Virgo), but discerning how you can truly be of most useful service in the immediate present. Sometimes this looks like recognizing that your own energy is totally out of whack and that to be of any use to anyone, you have to spend time filling yourself up with self-care. And sometimes this looks like facing your fear of not being ready or not being good enough and offering your gifts to the world anyway, starting right where you are.

For more insight into what this New Moon means for YOU, find the house in your birth chart that contains 13 degrees Virgo. The areas of life signified by this house are where you’re invited to:  reclaim your sovereignty; make a new beginning in health, healing and wholeness; perfect your skills; simplify, organize and increase your efficiency and productivity; and release judgment and accept the perfection of what is.

– Emily Trinkaus

P.S. Check out the latest issue of The Mountain Astrologer to read my feature article on The Astrology of Nuclear Radiation. I’m honored to have my writing included in this fantastic magazine.