piscesIf you’re feeling overwhelmed, confused, hyper-sensitive and/or exhausted, then you’re perfectly in tune with Thursday’s Full Moon (4:12 am PDT). In watery Pisces – the last sign of the zodiac signifying our inherent connection with All That Is – this Full Moon highlights and heightens our sensitivity to other people, our environment, and the existential suffering that arises from the paradox of being spiritual beings in physical form.

This Piscean energy has been very active since the start of the lunar cycle, September 5, when the Virgo New Moon opposed Chiron in Pisces. Now, as we approach the Full Moon, the core theme of the Virgo-Pisces polarity – healing the separation between matter and spirit – emerges more fully into awareness, opening the potential for revelation and transformation.

Too much Virgo/matter and not enough Pisces/spirit can look like:  getting so bogged down in the everyday details of life that you lose connection with your dreams, imagination, higher vision, and sense of wonder and magic. Your world becomes extremely small (the size of your to-do list) and you feel crushed by the time-bound daily grind of repetitive routines. The Pisces part of the equation doesn’t go away – it just shows up in its shadow form, the addictions that serve as escape routes out of the relentless prison of feeling trapped in physical form.

virgoAt the opposite extreme, Pisces without Virgo, you float around in a parallel universe, awash in big ideas and big dreams, but unable to manifest your visions in the world. Your spirituality has to do with “belief” rather than practice, so it remains in the realm of abstraction rather than a living, ever-evolving expression of service. The unintegrated Virgo part of the equation shows up as an inability to “get it together,” neglecting your own health and well-being, and the responsibilities that come with living in a body.

Deeper integration of your infinite spirit-self into your body and your moment-by-moment reality is the invitation of this Full Moon. Magic happens when you’re fully grounded in present time while consciously connected with the mysterious, multidimensional flow of Life. Your dreams, intuition and imagination – all heightened at the Pisces Full Moon – may offer clues for how you can support this healing and integration. Take time to slow down Virgo busyness and tune into the subtle realms.

Emotional energies peak at the Full Moon, and this one may feel particularly intense, as it coincides with a station of Pluto, God/Goddess of the Underworld. Pluto turns from Retrograde to Direct (forward) on Friday, stirring up some serious shadow material and bringing to awareness the parts of ourselves we might prefer to keep hidden in the basement. Fear, jealousy, anger, resentment, judgment, self-loathing… The more we deny these icky yet all-too-human aspects of self, the more powerful they become (and the more they tend to show up in the form of other people or external events).

We can use the Piscean energy of compassion, forgiveness and unconditional love as a kind of container, to lovingly hold these Plutonian parts of ourselves, and simply BE with them. The Faery Oracle card (from Brian Froud’s deck) that I picked for this Full Moon, She of the Cruach, reminds us of the power of “the yin energy of the universe,” the Divine Mother Goddess:

she of the cruachShe speaks of a necessary time of nurturing and development. We need to be open to her overflowing grace.  She may also indicate a need to allow her nurturing grace to flow through us and into others in the form of unconditional love and giving and spiritual healing. She tells us of the need for unconditional receiving and to make the best of what we are offered. She reminds us that unbounded love and grace are ours waiting to be accepted.

For more insight into what this Full Moon means for YOU, find the house in your birth chart that contains 26 degrees Pisces. The areas of life signified by this house are where you’re invited to: reconnect with your spiritual source and receive an infusion of divine love; open to guidance from your dreams, intuition and imagination; surrender having to have all the answers or the perfect plan and trust the mysterious flow of life; and allow for more compassion and forgiveness.

– Emily Trinkaus

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