aquarius“To live consciously is to accept the challenge to create, which is to move beyond scripts and bring something new into the world.” – Robert Moss, Active Dreaming

At the Leo New Moon on August 6, you planted seeds and set intentions for a new commitment to your creativity, vitality, and heart’s desires. The New Moon’s square to the Scorpio North Node suggests that taking a step in a new direction requires a big dose of courage – the courage to let go of your attachment to (apparent) security and comfort, and honor the true calling of your heart.

As the light in the night sky increases, approaching next Tuesday’s Full Moon in Aquarius (6:44 pm Pacific), your personal dreams and desires are lit up within the context of the great, mysterious collective dream. This will be the second consecutive Full Moon in Aquarius, a rare cosmic event that offers two opportunities to work with the Leo/Aquarius themes of giving your creative gifts to the world; feeling empowered to create a positive future; opening and following your heart as an act of service to the collective; feeling the freedom of being in the creative flow; and giving love without strings attached.

The previous Full Moon, on July 22, occurred at the very beginning of Aquarius (0 degrees) and these Aquarian themes were just emerging into awareness. The upcoming Full Moon is at the end of the sign (28 degrees), carrying an energy of ripeness, fruition and culmination, and helping you more fully embody the insights you’ve gathered over the past month.

saturnAquarius is the last of the Air (mental) signs, and the Aquarius Full Moon supports you to take a deep breath, step back from the drama of the moment, and see a more objective, higher perspective on where you’re at and where you’re headed. Aquarius also signifies the group mind, the mind of the collective that we are all, inevitably, both contributing to and being influenced by – consciously or otherwise.

July’s Full Moon squared Saturn (the traditional ruler of Aquarius), reminding us of our responsibility to the group mind, how much our thoughts really matter when it comes to not only our personal lives, but the life of the collective. Saturn in Scorpio points to the necessity of facing and working through our shadow material – the rejected parts of ourselves we typically project onto “the other.” Owning our projections, seeing everyone and everything “out there” as reflections of our inner world, dispels the illusion of the separate self and reconnects us with the web of life.

Over the past month, this theme of facing the shadow has been reinforced by Jupiter – the principle of expansion – opposite Pluto, god/goddess of the Underworld. Our unconscious, rejected shadow material has been living large, and to the extent that we’re willing to take radical responsibility (Pluto in Capricorn) for our amplified feelings (Jupiter in Cancer), we can tap into the healing potential of this aspect. Jupiter is now moving into a square with Uranus, inviting us to shake up our old, outgrown beliefs about where we came from and who we are, and to write a more liberating story for the future.

The coming Full Moon conjoins with Neptune in Pisces (4 degrees) – an opportunity to use our Aquarian mental powers to perceive and come into a more enlightened relationship with the invisible soup of consciousness both within and around us. While the higher potential of Neptune is oneness consciousness, a felt connection with Source, bliss and ecstasy, the shadow potential – widely available in a culture that rejects the reality of anything that can’t be perceived by the five senses, quantified and objectified – is victimization, addiction, denial and overwhelm.

dispelling wetikoAs I was working on this post yesterday, I listened to Sarah McCroskey’s Human Spirit Radio show, “Waking the Collective Dream,” featuring Paul Levy, author of Dispelling Wetiko: Breaking the Curse of Evil. Perfectly illuminating the themes of this Full Moon, Levy explains how “we’re all dreaming up this universe together, moment by moment,” and, to the extent that we’re unconscious that it’s all a dream, “the dream will play out and reflect your unconscious part to you.

When we’re asleep within the dream of life, and ignorant of our own participation in external events, we’re susceptible to “wetiko” – a Native American word for the spirit of evil – which Levy describes as a “mind virus” that operates through the unconscious and “coopts our genius and turns it against ourselves in a way that is killing us.”

But once we wake up to the dream of life, see through the illusion of the separate self and recognize the reality that we’re all connected, we become aware of “the incredible untapped creative power that we have.” Then, as Levy says, we become “artists of life,” co-dreaming or co-creating our lives: “we can actually change the waking dream we’re having in a way that serves all of us, and that’s evolutionary.”

To get more insight into what this Full Moon means for YOU, find the house in your birth chart that contains 28 degrees Aquarius. The areas of life signified by that house are where you’re invited to:  wake up within the dream and liberate your creative genius; break out of the illusion that you’re separate, alone and isolated and reconnect with the web of life; and dream up a new vision for your future.

– Emily Trinkaus

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