neptuneWe’re coming into the peak of this summer’s Grand Water Trine, and while the astro-hype had us thinking we’d all be floating on a sea of blissful surrender, the reality seems a bit different. I know many people (including myself) who have been going through a hard time these past few weeks of watery inundation. Let me count the ways:  overwhelm, lack of motivation, the urge to escape or check out, grief and sadness, and hyper-sensitivity (tears come easily, for no apparent reason).

Jupiter in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces will all be perfectly, harmoniously aligned over the next few days, forming a rare Grand Trine in the Water element. A trine (120-degree angle) is an aspect of ease, support and facilitation, and generally considered “positive.”  But in reality, the movements and alignments of the planets simply describe energy, and whether we experience the energy as “positive” or “negative” depends on a lot of factors, primarily – our level of consciousness. Which is why I’m very much in favor of banishing from our astro-vocabulary the designations of “good” and “bad.”

I think the reason why all this Water can be so very challenging is because we live in a culture that does not honor the Water element. On the physical plane, we have a global crisis in clean drinking water, and oceans polluted with plastic, oil, nuclear radiation and countless other toxins. On an inner level, Water is associated with emotions, and the state of the world’s waters reflects the collective feeling state – toxic, polluted, and, despite being in a state of crisis, largely ignored or suppressed. (Having feelings? We’ve got a drug for that!)

uranus turns retrograde

The chart for Uranus turning Retrograde, July 17 at 10:20am in Portland, OR. The big blue triangles in the center are the Grand Water Trines – one between Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune, and the other Mercury, the North Node and Chiron. (click for larger image)

Successful navigation of the Water element requires silence (or music), stillness (dance is good too), dreamtime, surrender, and simply BEING. Water is a feminine element – slow, receptive and introverted. But life in the modern West generally calls for a lot of extroverted DOING, the faster the better. The necessity of tending to all that external busyness when our bodies want to slow down, rest and turn inward can make us cranky. And when we do get free time, we might be so worn out from the running around and talking and DOING that we fall into the less conscious expression of yin energy – escapism, addiction, over-indulgence.

Amping up the emotional intensity, Uranus – revolution, awakening and liberation – turns Retrograde tomorrow (10:20 am PDT), coinciding with Jupiter’s exact trine to Saturn and Neptune. We’ve been under the influence of Uranus’s station (standstill before appearing to change directions) for the past week or so, stirring up restlessness, impatience, and the urge for freedom and change. The co-incidence of Uranus’s reversal with the Grand Water Trine peak reminds us that freedom is a feeling, something we can cultivate and experience no matter what is happening externally. Uranus stations can sometimes involve a lightning-bolt-like download of ingenious insight, but my sense is that, amidst the watery deluge, the revelations may be more subtle, more feeling-based than brainiacal, and may require intentional courting through deep inner listening.

The Uranus station catalyzes the long-term square between Uranus and Pluto, revealing the places both individually and collectively that are stagnant, unsustainable, corrupt and ready to die. George Zimmerman’s acquittal for the murder of Trayvon Martin is one such example – making painfully, unignorably obvious the deeply-entrenched racism in the U.S. (and especially in the injustice system). One of the gifts of the Uranus-Pluto square is to help us wake up (Uranus) to what’s buried in the Underworld (Pluto) – to come out of denial so we can transform and regenerate.

mercuryMercury – perception, information and communication – is now forming a tight square to Uranus, and is also stationing, preparing to turn from Retrograde to Direct (forward) on Saturday (can I get an amen??). Mercury Retrograde in Cancer gives us the opportunity to rewrite the story of who we are and where we come from, and to heal past emotional hurts so we can better nourish ourselves in the present.

The Mercury-Uranus square, in effect for the next week or so, wants to awaken a radical shift in perception (Mercury) to help free us (Uranus) from our deeply conditioned emotional shiznit (Cancer). Spiritual teacher Craig Hamilton recommends seeing and working with our personal emotional issues within a much bigger context of collective evolution – i.e., our “personal” issues are NOT personal, but rather something that everyone else is probably dealing with, and just one piece of the broader process of human evolution. This approach seems like a helpful antidote to the shadow Water tendency to wallow in isolating self-pity. The healing potential of the Mercury-Uranus square is especially strong because Mercury is also forming a Grand Water Trine with the North Node in Scorpio and Chiron in Pisces.

Uranus will be Retrograde until December 17, and for more insight into what this means for YOU, find the house or houses in your birth chart that contain 8-12 degrees of Aries. The house or houses that Uranus is reversing through reveal the areas of life where you are asked to uncover more of your uniqueness and authenticity, reawaken your desires and instincts, and liberate yourself from old, self-limiting patterns.

– Emily Trinkaus

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