“If we wish to stop the atrocities, we need merely to step away from the isolation. There is a whole world waiting for us, ready to welcome us home.” – Derrick Jensen

Still swimmingchiron in the haze of last week’s Neptune Station, we’re now feeling into the depths of Chiron in Pisces. Today (12:16 am PDT) the Wounded Healer turns Retrograde, and what’s submerged in the waters of the unconscious wants to be acknowledged, felt and healed.

Chiron in Pisces, the pain of separation from Source, often manifests as addiction, denial and escapism. When we forget that we are infinite beings, embodiments of the divine and inherently connected with all of creation, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and victimized by life on Earth. So we sink into helplessness, check out, go unconscious.

Chiron teaches that the medicine is in the wound, and that the path of healing is through the pain. Painting, music, dance, poetry and communing with Water (I had to take a bath break while writing this post…) are Piscean strategies for helping us soften our hearts, surrender our pain, and simply be present with and feel our feelings. Since Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, associated with letting go of the past, grief can be an important part of the healing process.

As the traditional ruler of Pisces, Jupiter gives further insight into both the wound and the healing path. Jupiter has been in Gemini the Twins, the sign of duality, since June 11, 2012, and is about to shift into Cancer on June 25. Gemini lessons from the past year are now coming to culmination – how our beliefs, stories and thought patterns split us off from our own hearts, from other beings, and from the heart of the cosmos. Jupiter in Gemini calls for expanding our perception beyond duality, so we can access a deeper level of wisdom and feel more connected to the flow of life.

edward snowdenOn a mundane level, Gemini rules data, information, intelligence, communication, journalism and the media, and it seems more than perfect that the story about the NSA’s insane spy-on-everyone program erupted at the Gemini New Moon, which coincided with Neptune’s station. Eric Francis of Planet Waves posted Edward Snowden’s birth chart (which he discusses in his latest podcast), and Snowden’s Sun, North Node, Mars, Mercury and Chiron are all in Gemini. Snowden is expressing a high-vibration version of the current Gemini/Pisces energies – witnessing and giving voice to (Gemini) what has been made invisible (Pisces).

Retrograde Chiron in Pisces asks us to take a deeper look behind the story to ask, What is the underlying wound being played out in the collective?

Pisces is the sign of “oneness,” dissolving the illusion of the separate self and feeling the truth of our connection with each other and with Source. As we transition out of the Age of Pisces, which started roughly 2,000 years ago, we’re moving into oneness consciousness – a necessary evolutionary step if we want the Age of Aquarius to look like the peace, love and light version that the hippies were singing about and not a techno-police-state nightmare. Oneness consciousness means operating from a place of “what I do to you I do to myself,” and therefore extending unconditional love, acceptance and compassion to all life.

piscesIn its toxic form, the Piscean urge to dissolve boundaries and merge with everything gets expressed through psychic and emotional invasion, the violation of personal space, subtle acts of violence that happen “behind the scenes” and must not be spoken about. The revelations about the NSA bring to light a social dynamic that essentially mimics that of an abusive parent-child relationship – in Eric Francis’ words, “we are expected to be submissive and totally transparent while the authorities are expected to be all-knowing and totally opaque” (from his latest newsletter for Planet Waves members).

The NSA’s mandate for “total transparency” (leading of course to total control) is the toxic mimic of spiritual transparency. Oneness means that ultimately, there are no secrets – in our inherent connectedness, what is there to hide? Pisces teaches that everything is energy, and whatever we think we’re hiding is actually just operating on a more subtle but no less powerful level. We can’t hide from ourselves, we can’t hide from the divine, and (despite the illusion of secrecy), we can’t actually hide from each other.

In this light, the NSA’s quest to “connect” everyone through wiretapping and internet spying mechanisms, to corral all communications on the planet into one mega-database, speaks to the culture’s suppressed longing for intimacy – authentic, heart-felt connection. At the root is the wound of separation, the existential loneliness of believing that we are all alone instead of all one.

chironOn a personal level, we can ask ourselves:  Where is the illusion of separation keeping us from feeling the intimacy we desire? Where are we afraid to tell the truth, reveal our secrets, make ourselves vulnerable and open to deeper levels of connection? Are we using our thoughts and our words to harm or to heal? The house in your birth chart where Chiron is stationing – the house that contains 13 degrees Pisces – reveals the areas of life where these dynamics are playing out for you personally.

– Emily Trinkaus

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