full moonI have to be honest – this “Super” Full Moon is not feeling so super. More like:  crabby, cranky, frustrated and stuck. The Full Moon (exact Sunday at 4:32 am PDT) is in Capricorn, cozying up with our friend Pluto, God/Goddess of the Underworld, whose job it is to reveal what’s festering in the basement of the subconscious, what is stagnant, diseased, corrupt, outgrown and blocking us from accessing our power and vitality.

In Capricorn, we may be specifically looking at issues around work, responsibility, success and achievement, taking power in the world, and authority – being the authors of our own lives. The Cancer-Capricorn polarity highlights the balance between our inner and outer lives, asking:  Do you feel emotionally secure enough to take the risk of pursuing your goals? Are you putting so much energy toward taking care of others that you’re neglecting your own ambitions? Are you putting so much energy toward work that you’re neglecting your personal life? Do you feel nurtured and fulfilled by your work?

The Full Moon is the time of the month when emotions are at their peak, when deeply submerged feelings rise up into the light. What makes this one “Super” is that it coincides with the Moon’s perigee – when La Luna travels closest to Earth (she won’t get this close again until August 2014). The Full Moon appears super-sized and – as above, so below – the tides of feeling may be likewise larger-than-life.

hermitCapricorn-style feelings can tend toward fear, depression, loneliness, cynicism, and general Eeyore-ish-ness. We want to resist the shadow Capricorn temptation to shut down and wall off our hearts, and/or to put up an “everything’s just fine here” front. Cooperating with Capricorn energy in a positive way would be to take a time-out for solitude and reflection (one of the Capricorn archetypes is the Hermit), and to acknowledge and feel the underlying fear. My friend and awesome yogini Jay Fields (always tuned into the cosmic currents) just published a blog post with some helpful suggestions for dealing with yucky feeling states and the resistance that tends to come up around feeling the feelings.

Making the link between the Capricorn themes of fear and authority, Caroline Casey explains:  “Fear is a symptom of loss of authority; when we give away our authority, we should be afraid” (Making the Gods Work for You). Where have you given away your authority? Where have you made someone else responsible (Capricorn) for your own feelings (Cancer)?

The power of this Full Moon is punctuated by last Thursday’s Summer Solstice (10:04 pm PDT) – the “Full Moon” in the wheel of the year. Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year, brings to fruition the seeds you planted at Spring Equinox on March 20. What intentions did you set then? What creations are now coming to light? Summer Solstice is also a turning point, when the light, after reaching its peak of power, starts to fade.

The Sun moves into watery, nurturing, Moon-ruled Cancer, ushering in time when feminine energies take ascendance. WATER is the headline for the coming season, and working consciously with the realm of feelings, intuition, imagination and intimacy requires slowing down, turning inward and taking time for simply being and feeling.

– Emily Trinkaus

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