full moonAt Spring Equinox, the Sun entered Aries – the sign of the self – initiating a new cycle of growth that arises from personal desire. The power of the Equinox Sun is reinforced by Mars (the ruler of Aries) and Uranus, both in Aries and fueling the fires of passion, individuality, authenticity and creativity. This season calls for freeing ourselves from the layers of conditioning that keep us playing small, and stepping into our power as agents of radical transformation.

Now, the energy is building as we approach Wednesday’s Full Moon in Libra (2:27 am PDT). The Full Moon is the emotional peak of each month, when the tides are high, feelings are flowing, and the dark of the subconscious is lit up. Revelations, breakthroughs and healing are readily available, along with the less productive potential for emotional outbursts, explosive behavior and accidents. This Full Moon feels especially volatile. The Libra Moon opposes four planets in fiery, impatient, impulsive Aries AND catalyzes the Uranus-Pluto square. Our challenge is to channel all that cosmic power in the direction of liberation, healing and empowerment.

The Aries-Libra polarity highlights the balance between self and other, independence and connection, conflict and harmony. How do you assert your desires and need for individual expression while being sensitive to others? Are you relating from a place of authenticity, or compromising your truth and suppressing your power to please others and “keep the peace”? Are you trying too hard to do everything on your own, or being overly dependent and waiting for someone else to take the initiative? Where are you giving more than you’re receiving, or vice versa?

libraRelationships of all kinds are up for course correction. The Libra Full Moon wants peace, love, balance and harmony, but getting to that state sometimes requires engaging in conflict. Disrupting the peace by being honest about who we are and what we want ultimately leads to FEELING peaceful. Otherwise, relationships may seem harmonious on the outside, but lack vitality and passion. Healthy integration of Aries and Libra entails the recognition that balance is a dynamic, ongoing process, not a static state of being.

This Full Moon occurs just one day after Jupiter’s last exact square to Chiron, stirring up soul-level wounds that have split us off from our connection with Source, our faith in the mysterious flow of life, and our ability to trust our instincts and act on our inner guidance. Self-sabotaging patterns are coming into consciousness and are ripe for healing (see Re-Visioning Your Healing Story). The Full Moon forms a harmonious trine (120-degree angle) to Jupiter, lending support to this process, helping us feel and release the emotions trapped within our old stories of loss and victimization.

Jupiter is also the “focal planet” in a yod – a rare, potent and very uncomfortable alignment – with Saturn in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn. This yod was a key aspect at the Winter Solstice, has been strong again for the past month or so, and will start fading out over the next few weeks. In a previous post, I described this yod as signaling “a crisis of meaning, truth and faith.” The sextile between Saturn and Pluto supports restoring integrity to what has become corrupt and destructive – both in our personal lives and in the life of the collective – while their quincunxes to Jupiter in Gemini indicate that this transformation requires the radical act of telling the truth.

bradley manningIt seems appropriate that the case of Bradley Manning has resurfaced in the news while the yod is in effect. Manning, an army soldier stationed in Iraq who was arrested for passing classified information to WikiLeaks, is a hero to many (including myself) – a courageous young man who dared to follow his own conscience and tell the truth rather than obeying the orders of a corrupt government. Speaking to the “crisis of truth” indicated by this yod, Kevin Gosztola writes in The Nation:

“If the Manning case is seen as part of a larger trend toward reestablishing—and even expanding—the ability to protect state secrecy, it becomes clear that his prosecution is not simply about a soldier acting on decisions he did not have the authority to make. It is about whether Americans are going to allow the government to persecute an individual because he or she had the courage and audacity to reveal corruption that government officials wished to keep hidden out of sight.” (Bradley Manning Tried to Warn Us About the Crisis in Iraq)

We can also see this case in the light of the current Full Moon – an individual taking courageous, independent action (Aries) in order to bring about justice (Libra). For more insight into what this Full Moon means for YOU, find the house in your birth chart that contains 6 degrees Libra. The areas of life represented by that house are where you are being called to: come back into balance and restore justice; deepen your feelings of peace and harmony; recognize and take responsibility for your projections; shake up habitual patterns of relating and experiment with a new approach.

– Emily Trinkaus

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