“The soul always knows what to do to heal itself. The challenge is to silence the mind.”
– Carolyn Myss

Mercury turns Rmercuryetrograde on Saturday (1:41 am PST) – are you feeling it? Confusion, miscommunications, technical glitches, unexpected delays, a hard time translating what’s in your head into coherent sentences… Mercury the Messenger is the planet of perception, communication and connection, and Mercury Retrograde wants you to slow down, turn inward, revisit the past, and reflect on your vision for the future.

While Mercury is Retrograde – until March 17 – it’s best to complete or re-do projects from the past, rather than initiating new ventures. The information you need to make a big decision may not yet be apparent or available, and your analytical mind is not as sharp as usual. If possible, postpone signing contracts, buying cars or computers, and making long-term commitments. And right about now would be a great time to back up your computer data!

Completing unfinished business is always a theme during Mercury Retro, and this time especially so, since Mercury is in Pisces – the last sign of the zodiac. Pisces rules the invisible, mysterious realm of dreams, imagination, intuition and Spirit. Mercury Retro in Pisces calls for cleaning up unfinished psychic, energetic and emotional business – past (and even past-life) traumas submerged in the subtle layers of the unconscious, and covering up our true selves, our essence. Piscean strategies for returning to Source include forgiveness, acceptance, compassion, grief, unconditional love, and surrender to a higher power.

piscesMercury is one of five (and as of Monday, six) planets in Pisces, and as I wrote in my previous post, we’re in a very watery time, best used for healing, dissolving the past and replenishing our spirits. Pisces needs a lot of space and spaciousness for BEING and FEELING. Pisces is the most sensitive sign, and right now (and for the next few weeks), everyone is more psychically open, more vulnerable to absorbing other people’s thoughts and feelings. Honor and protect your sensitivity, and take time to unplug, retreat, and re-source yourself in your own pure essence.

As Mercury reverses directions (or appears to, from our earthly perspective), he meets up with Mars – passion, desire, courage and individuality – and this Martian influence flavors the entire Retrograde. Mars in Pisces is the soul’s true desire – not what we think we should want, or what we think other people think we should want (which all gets very complicated), but what we really long for at the deepest level. The Mercury-Mars conjunction calls for reconnecting with our soul-level desires, and revitalizing the courage it takes to trust and act on our own intuitive guidance, even when it doesn’t make sense or seem practical to the logical mind.

Find out more about what this Mercury Retro means for YOU by identifying the house (or houses) of your birth chart that contain 5-19 degrees of Pisces. The areas of life signified by that house (or houses) are where you are: dissolving the past; healing self-sabotaging patterns; reconnecting with your soul-level passions and desires; and reviewing, revising and reanimating your dreams for the future.

– Emily Trinkaus

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