“We might have lost the Light and the Height; but more frightening, we have lost the Mystery and the Deep, the Emptiness and the Abyss, and lost it in a world dedicated to surfaces and shadows, exteriors and shells, whose prophets lovingly exhort us to dive into the shallow end of the pool head first.” – Ken Wilber, Sex, Ecology and Spirit

the beginning is nearThe start of 2013 could feel like a major buzz kill, if you were counting on the world as we know it ending on December 21, 2012 – either by fiery apocalypse or ecstatic ascension. For those of us who still seem to be “here” and for whom “here” appears as the same old, same old, we’ve got some work ahead of us. Welcome to the new year.

As I wrote in a previous post, my take on the Winter Solstice is that, if there was a shift, it was subtle, and it was internal. The chart of the Solstice pointed to a crisis of faith and meaning, a profound collective disillusionment with the web of lies that props up the dying system, and the necessity of realigning with our instincts and inner Truth in order to reclaim our power and renew our faith.

If nothing else, according to Mayan scholars (or some of them anyway), it was the start of a new cycle, the 14th Baktun, a period of approximately 400 years. At the beginning of any cycle, there is no external evidence of change or growth. At the New Moon, the monthly start of each new lunar cycle, we can’t see the Moon at all – the night sky is completely dark. The seed is planted, and unless you dig in under the surface of the ground, it looks like nothing is happening.

Underground, in the dark, in the invisible realm of feelings, imagination, magic and mystery is where much of the “action” of 2013 is happening. The new world is being seeded from within, and our work is to direct our attention toward the depths, and recover the wisdom of the dark. This is a deeply feminine process, and one that is misunderstood, feared and resisted by the dominant culture (the culture of dominance). Astrologer Demetra George writes:

pluto“As the conscious ego rejects and denies the experiences and wisdom of the dark phase, these contents grow to embody our worst fears and assume the frightening form of the demonic ‘shadow’ in individuals and society. Society’s attitudes towards people of color, women’s sexuality, the occult, the unconscious, the psychic arts, the aged, and death itself are all manifestations of these fearful… projections.” (Mysteries of the Dark Moon)

In 2013, our demonic shadows and fearful projections rise up into consciousness in unignorable ways, demanding to be acknowledged and felt, ready to be healed, transformed and released. The awakening and liberation of dark forces, the confrontation with our shadows, is signified by the ongoing square between Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn, which is exact seven times from 2012-2015 and will peak this year on May 20 and November 1.

As the moldy old patriarchal systems and structures self-destruct, and the global elite attempts to crush the awakening and liberation of humanity, we are under intense pressure to free ourselves from the fear that fuels the old paradigm, recognize the truth of who we are, and reclaim our authority to create the world we desire.

Saturn in Scorpio – the work of uncovering and healing core wounds in order to regenerate power – combines forces this year with Neptune and Chiron in Pisces, and, starting in June, with Jupiter in Cancer. Scorpio, Pisces and Cancer are Water signs, and this inundation of the Water element can serve as a great resource for the tremendous challenges we face, or as a detriment. As always with astrology, the planetary energies are neutral, and how they play out depends on the level of awareness we bring to them.

pacific rimThe dominant culture’s relationship with Water – the feminine, unpredictable, chaotic, mysterious realm of feeling, intuition and imagination – is summed up in the movie Pacific Rim, scheduled to come out in mid-July, right at the peak of the Jupiter-Saturn-Neptune Grand Trine, when the Water element is strongest. The preview goes something like this (I’m summarizing, but you can see the trailer here): “We thought the evil aliens would come from the sky, but they’re coming from the ocean! Giant water monsters want to destroy humanity, but we’re going to build the most bad-ass robot weapons that have ever existed and beat the crap out of them!” (Fear of the feminine, anyone?)

Needless to say, outside of Hollywood, this hyper-yang approach to the Water element typically doesn’t go so well. Feelings are the intermediaries between the material and spirit realm, and when we deny, repress, disown or numb them with our addiction of choice, we suffer from a lack of spiritual nourishment. We feel dry, depressed, alone and isolated, and can easily default into unconscious surrender – hopelessness and despair.

As the tides of feeling rise, as our shadows emerge, our challenge is to work WITH the Water, without getting totally overwhelmed and drowning in the deluge. We can tap into the power of Saturn in Scorpio and the Grand Water Trine by creating structures for communing with the Mystery and surrendering the ego. Spiritual practice, art, music, dance and dream work are potential allies for helping us move through feelings, strengthen our inner guidance systems, and increase our felt connection with the Divine.

Tremendous power is available when we make friends with the Mystery and align with the flow of life, even when it defies the rational mind’s idea of who we are or what “should” be. This is a year for transforming and expanding our sense of self, for remembering who we are – infinite beings, Source consciousness, the creator gods and goddesses we’ve been waiting for.

– Emily Trinkaus

Portlandia Priestesses! I’ll be talking tonight, 7:00-9:00, for the Women’s Community Group about these 2013 themes in much greater detail. And, my sister Galactivator, Katie Todd, will join us and do a special energy healing session to help us align with the Water element! All women are welcome.