winter solsticeLeading up to the much-hyped Winter Solstice on December 21, the seasonal darkness (in the Northern Hemisphere) has felt heavier, deeper and more insistent than ever. From talking with clients and friends, I know I’m not the only one who’s gotten in touch with some very icky and painful places in the past few weeks – depression, despair, and a heavy cloud of bleakness.

Saturn in Scorpio is not fooling around when it comes to stirring up our deepest emotional shiznit, but it also seems to me that the darkness many of us have been feeling is not entirely personal. There’s a palpable intensification of energy right now, an acceleration, a collapsing of time. Events that may have taken months to unfold in the past now seem to happen in an instant, and the emotional stuff that we might have slogged through over the course of a lifetime or two now wants to come up and be processed in a matter of days.

If December 21, 2012 signifies a turning point – the end of one cycle and the birth of another – I think the shift will be subtle, and it will be an inside job. The mega-shift that seems imperative at this critical crossroads, and the essential lesson of the waning Age of Pisces, is the transition into unity or oneness consciousness – the recognition that we are all inherently connected.

piscesThis year’s Winter Solstice feels like an acceleration point in this ongoing process of the Turning of the Ages. As we take a great leap forward from the Piscean to the Aquarian Age, there’s a kind of flushing out of the old Piscean paradigm, which may account for the despondent feeling state that’s going around. What’s coming into consciousness are the places within ourselves where we feel “all alone” instead of “all one.”

As I wrote in a previous post:  The shadow expression of Pisces comes out when, instead of feeling connected with All That Is, we buy into the ultimate illusion — that we are alone, isolated and powerless. Instead of consciously and intentionally working with energy, we are unconsciously manipulated by invisible forces and susceptible to delusion. Shadow Pisces looks like addiction, victimization, depression and suffering, and, needless to say, is running rampant through our culture. (Becoming Superheroes)

The purpose behind the pain that’s coming up so intensely now may be to pressure us toward the high-vibration expression of Pisces – compassion, unconditional love, conscious surrender, and connection with the divine.

virgoWhen we get in touch with the parts of ourselves that feel hopelessly damaged, wounded and stuck, it can be easy to go into shadow Virgo (the sign opposite Pisces) – self-judgment and self-criticism. In other words, getting in touch with the wounds of separation leads to further separation – not a helpful approach.

As I’m learning, and learning to practice, when the despair is intense enough, and it feels like there’s nowhere else to go, there is always love. There is an opportunity to simply turn toward the apparently hopeless parts of ourselves with compassion, forgiveness and understanding. And when our small, separate self is ready to give up, we can lean into the divine – the god/goddess part of ourselves that is infinitely powerful and one with Source. And we can ask for help from our invisible friends – the animal spirits, ancestors, guides and angels who are so eager to assist but can only do so when invited.

Thursday’s New Moon (12:42am PST) in Sagittarius – the sign of faith, inspiration and inner truth – offers an opening for renewing trust in positive outcomes and reconnecting with our inner guidance as we navigate the Solstice energies. Just a few hours after the New Moon, Uranus in Aries will turn from Retrograde to Direct (4:02 am PST), punctuating the Sag themes of freedom, authenticity and trusting our instincts.

sagittariusJupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius and presiding deity of this New Moon, is Retrograde in Gemini, calling us inward to reexamine the workings of our minds and rediscover and reclaim our own innate intelligence. Jupiter forms a yod – “finger of god” or “finger of fate” – with Saturn in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn, a rare configuration that will be exact on the Solstice.

There’s a lot to say about this aspect (and I’ll say more in next week’s post), but in brief, I think it’s about mental purification – uprooting and stripping away the thought forms and belief systems that have been inflicted on us by the self-destructing patriarchy and that keep us stuck in the old paradigm of powerlessness.

This New Moon recommends hitting the pause button on holiday busyness and taking a time-out for tuning into your own holiness, your body’s instinctual wisdom, your authentic desires and passions. Envision the most inspiring, liberating, creative and fun version of the future, for yourself and for all of life.

Word to the wise – because the Moon will go void-of-course just after the New Moon, it’s best to wait to make your New Moon wishes until after 1:42 pm PST. And if you want more insight into the areas of life where you are invited to renew your faith and enthusiasm and reconnect with your inner guidance, find the house in your birth chart that contains 21 degrees Sagittarius.

– Emily Trinkaus

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