lunar eclipseFeeling overwhelmed, exhausted, agitated, under pressure and inundated with feelings? (Or is it just me??) As we approach Wednesday’s Lunar Eclipse – the emotional peak of Eclipse Season – we’re experiencing a series of significant cosmic events, amping up the intensity and tension, along with the potential for major breakthroughs, healing and transformation.

In addition to the Mercury station (see below), Venus will meet up with Saturn in Scorpio on Monday, and Mars with Pluto in Capricorn on Tuesday – and the energy of both conjunctions will still be present at the Eclipse. While both events are worthy of their own posts, in the interest of time and space, I’ll just say: relationships are being put to the test, issues around self-love and self-worth are coming into focus, and we’re being confronted with our shadows. Helpful approaches: reveal vulnerability, take responsibility for projections, be honest with ourselves and others about our authentic desires, and take a strategic approach to restructuring relationships.

Eclipses can serve as portals into new dimensions of experience, and in some cases – depending on how personally the Eclipses are interacting with your birth chart – whole new lives. I’m witnessing people around me taking huge steps forward, making seemingly “sudden” changes that actually have been developing behind the scenes for a long time. This is one of the gifts of Eclipse Season – to bring to the surface and catalyze into motion impulses and desires that have been submerged in the subconscious.

An extra-potent Full Moon, a Lunar Eclipse brings to fruition, culmination or completion events from the past. In Gemini the Twins, these events are likely related to communication, writing, media, connection, perception, information, learning, duality and siblings. Strong feelings are on the rise, and revelations are readily available. Gemini rules the mind, and this Eclipse could also stir up a lot of mental energy, along with anxiety, insomnia, and feeling scattered or distracted.

Mercury Turns Direct!

geminiMercury, the ruler of Gemini, plays a starring role in this Eclipse, and will make a major shift on Monday, turning from Retrograde to Direct (can I get an amen?). Since November 6, Mercury Retrograde has advised us (in not very subtle ways) to slow down, revisit and review the past, and complete and re-do past projects rather than initiating new ventures.

Mercury was in Sagittarius when he turned Retrograde, inviting us to reconnect with inner truth and instinctual wisdom, re-examine belief systems, regenerate faith and inspiration, and re-write our vision for the future. On November 13, Mercury reversed back into Scorpio, shifting the focus to the watery realm of feelings and asking us to dig into the depths of the subconscious to revisit past wounds and recover our power from old emotional complexes.

Ideally, we emerge from this Mercury Retro having freed ourselves from old patterns that have gotten in the way of trusting and acting on our intuitive knowing. Although Mercury Retro officially ends on Monday, the influence lingers on until December 14, so best to continue moving slowly, practice patience, and postpone launching your new enterprises for a few more weeks.

Stillness and Dreamtime at the Center of the Storm

mercuryAt the Lunar Eclipse, the influence of Monday’s Mercury “station” will still be strong. Station means “stands still,” which is what a planet seems to do as it appears to change directions. As above, so belowa Mercury station calls for stillness, which could also feel like stuckness, especially with Mercury in the fixed sign of Scorpio.

There’s some built-in tension with this Eclipse. The fast-moving, fast-talking, ever-adaptable energy of Gemini is filtered through stationary Mercury in Scorpio, suggesting that there’s a lot of shifting and adjustment happening internally, at the level of feelings and perception. Mercury stationing at the Eclipse recommends that we root ourselves in the center of our own empowered psyche, a safe haven from the swirling storm of thoughts and feelings.

The inward-turning impulse of the Lunar Eclipse is reinforced by the Moon’s conjunction with Retrograde Jupiter, and square to both Neptune and Chiron in Pisces. While there can be a pull toward scattering our energy in 100 different directions, distracting ourselves with media, and over-adapting to the people around us in order to fit in and be accepted (shadow Gemini), there is a deeper call – to trust our body’s need for rest and simply BEING, and drop into the Dreamtime.

piscesWhen Katie Todd and I were preparing for Monday’s Lunar Galactic Activation and tuning into this Eclipse, we initially encountered the mega-Jupiterized-Gemini energy of spun-out, buzzy, mental anxiety overwhelm – not a terribly pleasant or comfortable place to be! But when we allowed ourselves to really FEEL that energy, as opposed to either resisting it or believing the hype and running around acting on it, we found ourselves in the Neptunian/Piscean Dreamtime – a magical space that felt profoundly restful and healing.

The Dreamtime doesn’t require you to do anything or to be anyone. It’s a place of dissolving, melting, allowing, surrender. You are not in control (or even under the illusion of being in control), and your job is to simply be present and trust the process. Chiron in Pisces square the Eclipse asks – what are the wounds that keep you from trusting your body’s instincts to slow down, rest and sleep, that incite you into perpetual motion to prove your worth, escape from your feelings, adapt and conform to other people’s expectations?

Chiron signifies both the wound and the healing method, and in Pisces, healing is available through dreams, music, meditation, painting, yoga… – any activity (or non-activity) that takes you into an altered state of consciousness while still remaining conscious. This Piscean energy is such a strong force at this Eclipse (as it was at the Solar Eclipse), that we want to work with it intentionally rather than let it work us in sneaky ways, like enticing us to fall into our favorite addictions and become consumed by depression and despair.

For more insight into what this Eclipse means for YOU, find the house in your birth chart that contains 6 degrees of Gemini. (I promise to make and post a video soon to show you how to do this!) The areas of life signified by that house are where:  events from the past are coming to fruition or completion; strong feelings are welling up from the subconscious; you’re becoming aware of and releasing old stories; you’re being called to open your mind and shift your perception.

– Emily Trinkaus

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