saturnSlow-moving Saturn changes signs today (1:34 pm Pacific), shifting from airy, harmony-seeking Libra to watery, deep-diving Scorpio. This will be Saturn’s first visit to Scorpio since 1985. Those of you who have been on the planet for at least one Saturn cycle might want to review what was happening in your life from 1983-1985 – you’re likely to revisit similar themes over the next two years.

As Saturn moves through each sign, the concerns and issues represented by that sign come into focus, and we’re under pressure to evolve to the next level of maturity. The key growth areas during Saturn in Scorpio are power, sexuality, intimacy and survival, and navigating this heavy, intense, emotionally-charged terrain requires no small amount of courage.

Scorpio rules the Underworld of mystery, magic and regeneration, and teaches that what is hidden is often the most powerful. As I wrote in a previous post: the Scorpio brand of power is not the “will it into being” kind of power — that would be Aries, the other sign ruled by Mars. Scorpio, a Water sign, is the feminine expression of Mars, and her power is the kind that comes through us when we relax our egos and surrender control — whether surrendering to a partner while making love or surrendering to invisible forces while making magic. (Sexuality and Power)

scorpioThe shadow expression of Scorpio is the violation of trust in the form of betrayal, abandonment, abuse, and sexual abuse. We can expect Saturn in Scorpio to stir up these core wounds – not to further torment us, but to help us heal whatever blocks us from accessing and expressing our power. As long as we attempt to keep the betrayed, abused, traumatized, abandoned part of ourselves hidden, she is the one who is actually running the show.

I like to think of Saturn as the clean-up crew, and Saturn in Scorpio wants us to clean out the basement of the subconscious, where these old, unprocessed wounds are festering away, draining our vitality and sabotaging our dreams for the future. We have the choice to either enter into the pain, uncover its source, and open the potential for healing and transformation, or (shadow Saturn in Scorpio) to strengthen the wall of defensiveness and protection around our wounds and cut ourselves off from authentic intimacy with ourselves and others.

Whether or not your Sun sign is Scorpio, and whether or not you even have any planets in Scorpio, the sign Scorpio resides somewhere in your birth chart. Look at the themes of the house (or houses) that contain Scorpio to see where Saturn will call on you to face your fears (especially root chakra survival fears), uncover and heal core wounds, surrender the illusion of control, and reclaim your power.

– Emily Trinkaus