moonEach New Moon is a magical power time, when the Cosmic Mother and Father – the Moon and Sun – join together and, from their union, a new cycle of growth is born. Today’s New Moon in Libra (5:02 am PDT) invites new beginnings in partnership, collaboration, art, beauty, peace, balance and justice.

Venus, the ruler of Libra, plays a leading role in this lunar cycle. Venus is in Virgo (October 2-28), traditionally the sign of her “fall” – an unhappy placement for the goddess of love. In a patriarchal culture, Venus (the feminine) expressed through Virgo manifests as the Old Maid/Spinster, the Nag, the Prude, and the Crazy Old Cat Lady (Virgo rules companion animals).

[T]he Virgo Archetype has been greatly violated,” writes Daniel Giamario, “and is one of the most violated of all 12 Archetypes” (Shamanic Astrology Handbook). The Virgin archetype is not about chastity, but sovereignty – “she who is whole unto herself” – a forbidden expression of the feminine under patriarchy. We might consider that the optimal path to restoring balance and right relationship at this Libra New Moon could be to access and honor our inner wholeness, and reclaim our sovereignty.

virgoThe most famous Virgin in the Western tradition is the Virgin Mary, said to have conceived the Christ child without sullying herself with the dirty act of sex. The Virgin’s counterpoint in the Christian tradition is Mary Magdalene, the “whore,” setting up the Madonna/Whore dichotomy that has plagued humanity for the past few millennia.

But now, as the patriarchal paradigm crumbles and the sacred feminine reemerges, the story of the Marys is being rewritten. Some modern interpreters of the New Testament suggest that the word we’ve come to know as “virgin” actually means “unmarried,” and calling Jesus “born of a virgin” was another way of saying he was a bastard (see Lynn Picknett’s Mary Magdalene: Christianity’s Hidden Goddess).

I prefer the story that both Marys were priestesses in the temple of Isis, practitioners of sacred sexuality as a path to enlightenment (see Tom Kenyon’s Magdalen Manuscript). According to Giamario, “the original essence of Virgo… includes the priestess/priest lineage with its organic connection to Gaia, to Earth and Sky.” In its higher expression, Virgo purifies her body and environment not because she’s OCD, but in order to create a clear channel for connection with Spirit.

Isn’t it intriguing that the glyph for Virgo (see above) is in the shape of the letter “M” and symbolizes the female genitals? In the post-patriarchal paradigm, the Virgo archetype is reborn to embody sovereignty, sacredness and sexuality, and the duality of the two Marys dissolves, as Madonna and Whore are rejoined as temple sisters.

jupiterAt the New Moon, Venus in Virgo forms a close square (90-degree angle) with Jupiter in Gemini, now Retrograde (October 4-January 30). The Venus-Jupiter square presents an ideal opportunity to rediscover and re-source ourselves in feminine wisdom, and to re-write the stories that have blocked feminine power.

To get more specific about what this New Moon means for you, find the house in your birth chart that contains 22 degrees Libra. The areas of life signified by that house are where the cosmos wants you to:  restore balance; establish an equal exchange of give and take; initiate a new collaborative project or renew your spirit of cooperation; create more beauty and increase the flow of love.

Word to the wise – because the Moon went “void-of-course” just after the New Moon, it’s best to wait to make your New Moon wishes and set your intentions until AFTER the Moon goes into Scorpio at 5:06 pm Pacific. Already made your wishes? No worries, just re-do them after 5:06 pm.

– Emily Trinkaus

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