libraThe Sun entered Libra the Scales on Saturday (7:49am Pacific), marking the halfway point of the Sun’s tour through the zodiac, when day and night are equal. Fall Equinox (Spring in the Southern Hemisphere) initiates a new season and is a “gate of power” in the wheel of the year – a time to reflect on where you’ve been and how you want to move forward.

What did you start at Spring Equinox on March 19? What’s now coming to fruition? What do you want to continue and build on, and what needs to be weeded out? What steps can you take to create more balance, peace and harmony?

The Sun in Libra lights up partnership, love, justice, art, attraction and beauty. Interdependence, teamwork and cooperation come into focus, along with Libra’s shadow –over-reliance on others for approval, external harmony at the expense of honesty and authenticity, and dissociation from one’s instincts and desires. A healthy expression of Libra the Lover integrates its opposite sign, Aries the Warrior – maintaining a strong sense of identity while opening to another, and recognizing that balance is an ongoing, dynamic process that includes conflict and tension.

saturnWe’ve all been getting major lessons in Libraland, as Saturn – the Cosmic Taskmaster – has visited the sign of the Scales for the past two and a half years. Saturn in Libra puts relationships to the test, making obvious what’s working, what’s not, and whether the commitment can be salvaged through hard work or if it’s time to move on. Many long-term partnerships have broken up during this time, AND many new committed partnerships have formed.

In these last few weeks of Saturn in Libra, the work we’ve done over the past few years is coming to culmination, and the work that still wants to happen (before Saturn shifts into Scorpio on October 5) is making itself known. These final (for now) pieces of the process might feel especially icky and painful – after all, there’s a reason we’ve avoided them.

The “inner marriage” – the balance and integration of our own inner feminine and masculine – is Saturn in Libra’s ultimate lesson.  We experience wholeness not by finding the “perfect partner” but by reclaiming the parts of ourselves we’ve rejected and projected onto others.

Intensifying the pressure to work through Saturn in Libra’s lessons, the Equinox Sun squares Pluto (deep transformation) and opposes Uranus (revolution and liberation). The repressed and denied parts of ourselves come to light, and unresolved issues demand attention. Feminine-masculine dynamics – both within and without – are highly charged, as reflected in the tense square between Venus in Leo and Mars in Scorpio.

We can expect the pressure to build over the next week, as we approach Saturday’s Full Moon in Aries.  Our cosmic assignment is to express and assert our individuality, authenticity and true desires (Mars in Scorpio) while keeping our hearts open and radiating love (Venus in Leo). While it may be tempting to get caught up in polarization and projection, our path to liberation is to see everything and everyone “out there” as mirrors, and use these reflections for our own learning and growth.

– Emily Trinkaus

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