scorpioThe Nodes of the Moon change signs today, initiating a new 18-month cycle in our collective evolutionary path — the major lessons we’re working through, what we need to let go of, and the energy we need to embrace to promote soul growth and successful forward movement.

The North Node — the best way forward — shifts into Scorpio, urging us to face our inner darkness, uncover our deepest desires, and move toward what holds vitality and passion. As the sign associated with the Underworld, deep feelings, death and rebirth, and mysterious forces beyond the ego’s control, Scorpio gets a bad rap in Western culture — which exalts the ego, encourages emotional repression, and has made death into something to be feared and denied rather than honored as a natural process and necessary precursor to rebirth.

I love Caroline Casey’s description of Scorpio as the ruler of all that used to be sacred — primarily sex and death — and now is taboo (Making the Gods Work For You). What we make taboo gets repressed and banished to the subconscious, where it operates in shadowy, manipulative, and self-destructive ways.

The North Node in Scorpio calls for bringing what’s been hidden in darkness out into the light in order to access the Scorpio gifts of healing and regeneration. On October 5, Saturn will also move into Scorpio, providing further “encouragement” (to put it mildly) to uncover and clean up what’s lurking in the subconscious and undermining our power and potential.

taurusThe South Node — what needs to be released — moves into Taurus, Scorpio’s opposite, the sign of material security, comfort and stability. The default mode of the Taurus South Node is, “Once I have enough money/material security, then it will be safe for me to take the risk of living my passion,” and this approach is NOT scheduled to work over the next year and a half.

“Following the energy” — feeling where the stirring of vitality is calling you and moving in that direction — will bring greater security than clinging to the status quo. Scorpio’s element is Water — the emotional realm — and tuning into, trusting and acting on feelings will create better outcomes than operating strictly based on what appear to be the facts of the matter (Taurus).

As the North Node transitions into Scorpio, the energy is building toward an especially intense Full Moon (Friday, 6:58 am PDT), providing plenty of cosmic support for getting in touch with our feelings. The Full Moon is in watery Pisces, amplifying, in its higher expression, compassion, connection with Source, and oneness with all Life. Because the Full Moon forms a close conjunction with Chiron, we’re also likely to experience the more painful feelings associated with Pisces — acute sensitivity toward others’ and our own suffering, grief and overwhelm — as well as the stirring up of old wounds.

full moonIf we can stay with the feelings — ride the wave of emotion, allow the tears without having to find words for or analyze them, and resist the urge to get lost in our favorite form of escapism — this Full Moon offers a tremendous potential for healing. For more insight into the areas of life that are particularly ripe for healing in your own life, find the house in your birth chart that contains 8 degrees of Pisces.

Pisces resources that can support you through the next few days include taking time to rest, meditate, pray and simply BE; paying attention to and engaging with your dreams; listening to and/or playing music; dancing, painting, and reading and/or writing poetry; practicing forgiveness, compassion and non-judgment toward yourself and others; spending time in or near water.

– Emily Trinkaus