total lunar eclipseForget the Winter Solstice — we’re experiencing the most dramatic astrology of 2012 right now. June hosts a series of high-voltage cosmic events, signifying a wave of accelerated change and the potential for major leaps in consciousness.

The Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse on June 4 (4:04 am PDT) coincides with Neptune turning Retrograde. The very next day, Venus will make her rare transit to the Sun — a planetary alignment that won’t be repeated until 2117. Chiron will turn Retro on June 11, and Uranus and Pluto will make their first exact square on June 24.

December 2012 is a coyote distraction from June 2012,” says shamanic astrologer Daniel Giamario. “We’re entering into the most incredible magical times.

Not feeling so magical? A Lunar Eclipse is an extra-potent Full Moon, bringing to the surface feelings that have been buried in the depths of the subconscious. Old pain rises into awareness, so it can be felt, synthesized, dissolved, and surrendered. Skillful navigation of the emotional Underworld opens access to the available magic — the alchemy of transformation.

The Eclipse squares both Mars in Virgo and Chiron in Pisces, forming a Mutable Grand Cross — a stressful configuration that pushes us to balance and integrate polarities. The Mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces) are about movement, adaptability, perception and communication.

centaurWhen the Mutable Cross is not working so well, we can feel scattered, get distracted from our purpose, and take actions that don’t necessarily serve the bigger picture of our vision or mission. But the higher potential is a significant shift in perception, an opening to new possibilities for connecting and communicating, thereby creating the scaffolding or structure to support a more optimal future.

Chiron’s square to the Eclipse implies a healing crisis, which Dale O’Brien (“Doc Chiron”) says, “isn’t about getting better, but being reoriented.” Chiron in Pisces reorients and heals through dreams, prayer, the imagination, meditation, music, poetry and art. This is a time for practicing non-linear and non-verbal means of perception and communication, for learning how to speak the language of the soul through images and feelings.

Neptune, god/goddess of the ocean, is also in Pisces, and Neptune’s station on the day of the Eclipse amplifies the emotional tidal wave. Drowning may feel like a distinct possibility, along with the temptation to escape into our favorite addictions.

Mars in Virgo, opposing Chiron and squaring the Eclipse, recommends discernment and precision in our thoughts, language and actions. Instead of despairing that we can’t save the world (or even ourselves), we can identify one simple, appropriate step forward — it might be a prayer, it might be cleaning the kitchen, it might be doing some small kindness for someone.

earthJupiter — the ruler of both Sagittarius and Pisces — is in Taurus, asking us to tune into the wisdom of the body, of plants and animals, of our home planet. Taurus is slow and sensual, the earthy expression of Venus, the sacred feminine. My sense is that this Eclipse may require more “being” than “doing,” although the urge to take rash, dramatic action could be strong.

The Sun and Venus are in close proximity, heading toward their June 5 conjunction — which will be another kind of Eclipse, stirring up what wants to be healed in the Venus-ruled realms of love, pleasure, values, beauty, art and attraction. The Venus-Sun transit awakens the Solar Feminine, and the Lunar Eclipse produces the necessary pressure to open us up so we can be available to this cosmic download. (More about the transit coming soon on my Reviving Venus blog…)

To get more specific about what the Lunar Eclipse means for YOU, find the house in your birth chart that contains 14 degrees Sagittarius. The areas of life signified by that house are where you are called to expand your perception, restore your faith, and realign with your integrity. These may also be areas where past events are coming to fruition or completion.

– Emily Trinkaus