plutoPluto turns Retrograde today (9:23 am PDT), stirring up intense feelings and bringing awareness to what’s become stagnant, diseased and corrupt. Pluto Retro asks: What feels “dead” on an energetic level? What in your life is out of alignment with your integrity and authenticity? What wants to die, and what wants to be reborn? Pluto in Capricorn specifically focuses attention on work, leadership, responsibility and authority.

Those of us currently “enjoying” Pluto transits, are especially feeling the burn, but everyone is cooking in Pluto’s crucible now. Pluto and Uranus are moving toward their first exact square, which will culminate on June 24. The pressure is on to claim our uniqueness, creativity and passion, step into the role we came here to play, and break free from fear-based patterns and paradigms.

Meanwhile, Mars — Retrograde since January 23 — is stationing, appearing to stand still in the sky before starting to move forward again on Friday. Mars Retrograde has slowed momentum, turned attention inward and toward the past, and asked:  What do you really want? This question may feel particularly pressing over the next few days, and Mars in Virgo — the details — wants you to get very specific with your answer.

marsAs the ruler of Aries, Mars is the presiding deity of the Aries season (March 19 to April 19) — the first month of the astrological new year. This Spring has been off to a slower-than-usual start, a kind of preparation period for the escalating intensity. Ideally, we emerge from Mars Retro with renewed clarity about our desires, strengthened courage and vitality, and regenerated passion and enthusiasm.

And now, as we prepare for Mars’ forward motion and a kind of re-launch of the astrological new year, Pluto’s Retro turn presents an opportunity to get rid of whatever you don’t want to bring with you into this next phase. In order to support your forward momentum and the pursuit of your passions, what needs to be left behind?

For more in-depth insight into what Pluto Retrograde means for YOU, find the house in your birth chart that contains 9 degrees Capricorn. The areas of life represented by that house are where you are being called/compelled to: look beneath the surface to uncover what’s been hidden, repressed or denied; let go of what no longer feels in alignment with your authentic self; and move through fear and stand in your power.

– Emily Trinkaus

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