uranus“We think we have the right to have a say in the future, and we think the future is made in your mind.” – John Lennon

Uranus is preparing to turn from Retrograde to Direct, permeating the atmosphere with a spirit of revolution, revelation, restlessness and anxiety. The Uranus station on Friday night (11:04 pm PST) amps up the drama of Eclipse Season, which culminates just hours later at Saturday’s Total Lunar Eclipse (6:32 am PST).

The Lunar Eclipse is in Mercury-ruled Gemini, and Uranus is considered the “higher octave” of Mercury. Mercury rules the mind, perception and communication, while Uranus rules the group mind, collective perception (groupthink), and the mass media. The co-incidence of the Gemini Eclipse and the Uranus station activates the potential for a radical break from old thought patterns, from the stories that keep us locked in self-destructive paradigms.

Adding to the excitement, Uranus is stationing at zero degree of Aries (the “Aries Point”) — the highly-charged first degree of the zodiac, stirring up energy for new beginnings. Kim Falconer writes that Uranus on the Aries Point “suggests our ability to make sudden changes, rebel against dogmatic convictions and break out of the safety zone.” The activation of the Aries Point tends to correlate with world events of a game-changing nature (e.g., Fukushima).

As the Trickster, Uranus rules reversals of all kinds. In fiery, speedy, risk-taking Aries, these Uranian reversals could happen shockingly fast. What reversals do you want to animate, in your own life and the life of the collective? What’s the most liberating reversal you can imagine for yourself, for humanity, for the planet and beyond?

In its ideal form, Uranus in Aries signifies the awakening and liberation of humanity, as individuals become conscious of their own power and courageously direct that power toward co-creating a new collective future. As I wrote in a previous post: “Uranus in Aries says: in this time, each and every one of us is a leader, here to contribute to the collective in our own unique way.

MarsMars the Warrior — the ruler of Aries — is also active at the Lunar Eclipse, squaring the Sun, Moon and Nodal Axis. Mars and Uranus were strong at the Sagittarius Solar Eclipse on November 24, and both planets getting our attention at these Eclipses — critical awakening points when we can shift our consciousness and open to new realities — underscores a significant cosmic message.

While Uranus in Aries wants us to take the risk of diving in and embracing our authentic path, Mars in Virgo (November 10 to July 3) says, take one small step at a time, pay attention to the details, be willing to do the hard work, and perfect your skills so you can be of maximum service.

We’re already feeling the influence of Mars Retrograde (January 23-April 13), a time for cleaning up the past so we can better navigate the future. The cosmic assignment for these final weeks of 2011 is to undo self-defeating mental patterns and refine our analytical skills so we can actually perceive what’s going on and how to respond effectively. As we head into the dramatic astrology of 2012, mental sovereignty will be key to creating optimal outcomes.

– Emily Trinkaus

And now a word from our great ancestor and ally in the spirit realm, John Lennon, who beautifully exemplifies the Peaceful Warrior and Uranian R/Evolutionary: