lunar eclipseThe Sagittarius Solar Eclipse on November 24 invited you to imagine, set intentions and plant seeds for your ideal future. Now, as we approach the Gemini Lunar Eclipse on December 10 (6:32 am PST), the perceptions, beliefs, attachments and emotional patterns that block you from moving forward are rising into awareness.

A Lunar Eclipse is an extra-potent Full Moon — featuring heightened feelings, revelations and breakthroughs. In Gemini the Twins, the sign that rules the mind, what’s being amplified is mental agitation and confusion, the feeling of being pulled in multiple directions at once, and fast changes that push you to rethink your assumptions. Amping up the drama, anxiety, restlessness and urge for radical change, Uranus — planet of revolution and liberation — turns from Retrograde to Direct just hours before the Eclipse.

Eclipses typically trigger old stuff and present an opportunity to break free from old patterns. Events from the past come to culmination, people from your past reappear, and issues you thought you dealt with years ago resurface. Because the planets that rule Sagittarius and Gemini — Jupiter and Mercury — are both Retrograde, this particular Eclipse season is especially oriented toward the past.

Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius (until December 13) wants you to rethink your vision for the future, reconsider the bigger picture of your life, and reconnect with your inner guidance, instincts and personal Truth. In the midst of this busy busy period of fast change, movement, adaptation and adjustment, it’s crucial to take time to slow down, turn inward, and review where you’ve been and where you want to go. Without a guiding vision for your future, you become subject to someone else’s vision, and the visions offered by the mainstream media and political leadership are not very appealing.

geminiAt the time of the Lunar Eclipse, the Moon is in a close conjunction with the South Node — yet another indicator of the past. The South Node signifies what we are meant to leave behind, a way of being that pulls us back into old, self-sabotaging patterns.

The Eclipsed Moon conjunct the South Node in Gemini challenges us to become aware of and intentionally shed those old mental “tapes” — the stories we repeatedly, unconsciously tell ourselves. I’m not good enough, I’ll never be able to…, I’ll never have…, etc. At the Gemini Lunar Eclipse on December 21 last year, an important reference point for this Eclipse, I wrote:

The shadow expression of Gemini is readily available — information overload, hyperactive busyness and high anxiety. But the higher potential offered by this Eclipse is to awaken to and release any thinking patterns, beliefs or perceptions that are keeping you from stepping into your true power. What is the old story that keeps you from living your highest purpose? (Releasing the Undesirable Story)

The North Node in Sagittarius points to the best way forward: trust your intuition and instincts, take the risk of standing in and speaking your truth, and focus on the big picture and higher vision. Withdraw your mind from the proliferation of apocalyptic scenarios, the old patriarchal order in its death throes, and dare to imagine the kind of world you want to live in. The fears, doubts, anxieties and self-talk that kick in when you attempt this exercise are exactly what want to be made conscious, acknowledged, felt and released at the Gemini Eclipse.

Navigated consciously, Eclipses are portals, opening you to new cosmic information and higher states of awareness. If you want to get more specific about what this Eclipse means for you personally, find 18 degrees of Gemini in your birth chart. The house activated by the Eclipse reveals areas of life where events from the past are coming to culmination, fruition or ending; and where you are being challenged to shed old belief systems, open your mind, and shift your perception.

– Emily Trinkaus