eclipseAt the explosive Taurus Full Moon on November 10 we officially entered “Eclipse season” — a 6-week, high-pressure period when the contents of the subconscious rise into awareness, and deep-level changes are catalyzed into action.

This season’s eclipses — on November 24 and December 10 — are in Sagittarius and Gemini, highlighting themes of perception, connection, communication and higher vision. We are also likely to revisit issues that were up for us during last summer’s Eclipse season, from May 25 to July 14.

Due to other commitments, I’m not able to write a full post this week, but I want to share a talk I recently gave at New Renaissance on the topic of the upcoming Eclipses, Mercury Retrograde (starting November 24), and more. Please listen for details about these exciting cosmic events and suggestions for navigating this emotionally-charged time of potential breakthrough.

Listen now (the talk is about 30 minutes):