scorpio“To not change is to stagnate and truly die.” – Demetra George, Mysteries of the Dark Moon

As the personal planets shift from airy, sociable, “let’s all just get along” Libra to watery, intimacy-seeking, “dig down to the core” Scorpio, the intensity level is rising and emotions are running deep. Are you feeling it?

Venus led the way, entering Scorpio on October 8, Mercury followed on the 13th, and the Sun will shift signs on Sunday, initiating the official Scorpio season (until November 22).

Scorpio rules the Underworld, the darkness, the basement, the subconscious — the place where we typically stuff uncomfortable feelings, store trauma (from current and previous lifetimes) and bury our burning passions and desires. The Scorpio season marks the time of year for a kind of psychic housecleaning, digging into the mess and rooting out whatever is draining your vital life juice and mucking up your mojo.

Literal housecleaning is also recommended — purging the “stuff” that’s carrying old energy that no longer matches who we are in present time and that may be holding us back. While Scorpio’s opposite sign, earthy Taurus, rules the material world and specifically our possessions, Scorpio rules the unseen energy that those physical objects hold. Although many of us may not be sufficiently psychic to consciously perceive that energy, we’re nevertheless registering it and being affected by it on some level.

What’s hidden is often the most powerful, and while our thinking minds like to operate under the illusion that they’re in control, it’s the crap in the basement that’s actually running the show — the underlying emotional patterns and belief systems that got established long before our conscious minds developed. According to biologist Bruce Lipton, the subconscious is effectively “programmed” by age five, and precious few of us got the kind of programming that we would have chosen.

During the Scorpio season we have an enhanced ability to perceive these hidden layers of reality, transform old patterns, and free up some psychic and physical space to create what we actually want. This is a prime time for receiving body work and energy work, shamanic journeying, physical detoxing, and using art and writing as tools for uncovering and processing deep feelings. Regeneration is the reward for being willing to travel through the Underworld.

– Emily Trinkaus

Note to Portland-area friends: Please join me and astrologer Mark Dodich next Tuesday at 7:00pm at New Renaissance Bookshop for insights into the astrology of the next few months. I’ll be talking about the upcoming Eclipses as well as the next Mercury Retrograde cycle, and Mark will shed light on Jupiter and Mars Retrograde.