“The dark becomes frightening and destructive only when we deny and disown it.” – Demetra George, Mysteries of the Dark Moon

New Moonlibras are magical power times for turning inward, connecting with inner guidance, and setting intentions for what you want to create. Today’s New Moon (exact at 4:09 am PDT) features five planets in Libra, the sign of relationship, justice, peace, beauty and balance — areas particularly up for renewal and regeneration.

Every New Moon is a journey into darkness. Although darkness has been essentially banished from the modern world, the wild, cyclically-attuned part that still lives inside us knows that it’s the Dark of the Moon. Disappearing from the night sky, the Moon embraces the Sun, joining together at the same degree of the zodiac. The ancient story says that, at the New Moon, the Cosmic Mother and Father are making love, hidden from our view. Their union then gives birth to a new cycle of growth.

This New Moon squares Pluto, god/goddess of the Underworld, deepening the darkness. Pluto’s job is to reveal what is diseased, stagnant and corrupt, challenging you to heal, transform or let go of what no longer serves you. The message of this New Moon is that, if you want to make a new beginning, something’s got to go. That something might be a belief system, an emotional attachment, a self-destructive habit, or something more tangible — physical “stuff” that’s holding old energy, a job or home you’ve outgrown… What are you afraid to surrender? Are you afraid of the power that could come through you if you let go of what’s holding you back?

plutoPluto’s square to the Libra New Moon means that we’re likely to see our shadows — to see the disowned and rejected parts of ourselves — playing out through the people we’re closest to. Ouch. This is typically not a welcome reflection, because there’s a reason why we rejected those parts of ourselves in the first place. What are you afraid to see in yourself that you’re seeing in other people?

Grief, the purpose of which is to dissolve old feelings and stories, can be part of the Plutonian process of surrender. Forgiveness is also helpful.

Disruption and Freedom

“[C]laiming one’s freedom always causes a certain degree of disruption. Breaking free is the polar opposite of comfort and stasis, very different from sedating ourselves so we can tolerate captivity.” – Victoria Castle, The Trance of Scarcity

Libra likes things to be “nice” — to look good, to feel harmonious, for everybody to love each other and just get along. But every sign needs to be balanced and integrated with its opposite, in this case, Aries the Warrior, the sign of conflict, individuality and passion.

uranusUranus the Trickster, now in Aries (2011-2019), opposes the New Moon, and is exactly opposite Mercury — perception and communication. Uranus in Aries wakes up the revolutionary potential of being our authentic selves, honestly expressing our desires and passions, sharing the truth of who we are.

Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, is Eros, the vital life force, the spark that sets the whole cycle into motion. Libra wants relationship, harmony, kinship, and without Aries — without the willingness to temporarily disrupt harmony and enter into conflict — relationship becomes dead, superficial, the Eros is no longer there.

Although an opposition is considered a “hard” angle, Mercury and Uranus have a natural friendliness with one another that can make this aspect a helpful New Moon ally. Mercury-Uranus disrupts and liberates our usual ways of seeing the world, in this case, particularly how we see our selves in relation to others, our beliefs about relationship. As the Trickster, Uranus rules reversals, turning things upside-down — which is a recommendation for this New Moon.

Byron Katie’s “Judge Your Neighbor” worksheet (which you can download on her site) has guided me through many a projection. The process she’s developed (“The Work“) involves first being as honest as you can in saying what you don’t like about someone — what you’re seeing in other people that’s triggering you — and then asking yourself a series of questions about your projections (starting with “Is it true?”). The final step is to turn your judgments around on yourself. The purpose of this process is freedom — freedom from the filters through which we habitually view the world and the people around us, so we can relate from a more authentic, open and vulnerable place.

If you want to get more specific about what this New Moon means for you, find 4 degrees Libra in your birth chart. (In response to recent comments, whether or  not you have planets in Libra, you have the sign Libra somewhere in your chart.) The house activated by the New Moon is where these themes of balance, relationship, love, justice and harmony are especially up for you — and areas that may be ripe for both deep transformation, and a liberating new perspective.

– Emily Trinkaus