“Alienation is one of the many faces of modernity. The cure is communication and community — a new sense of togetherness. By opening to each other, we diminish the pressure of being alone and exiled.” – Malidoma Somé, Of Water and the Spirit

aquariusSince April 4, Neptune in Pisces has offered a taste of a much longer influence that will re-commence in February 2012. Neptune, god/goddess of the ocean, and Pisces the Fish both rule the watery, invisible realm of consciousness, deep feelings, dreams and the imagination. Neptune in Pisces has brought in a wave of potentially healing and inspiring new energy, or support for sinking deeper into denial, delusion and despair.

Today the Neptune in Pisces preview comes to a close, and Neptune reverses into Aquarius for the final act of a transit that started in 1998. Aquarius — the sign of humanity, community and freedom — is “the meeting point of I and We” (Eric Francis). Neptune in Aquarius wants to dissolve the superficial differences — race, religion, age, gender, nationality — that divide humanity, and inspire us to join together, recognizing that we are all one.

The Aquarian ideal is a democratic, global community of radical individuals, each person respected and celebrated for their uniqueness. Unconsciously navigated, Neptune the mystic devolves into the illusionist, and over the past decade, we’ve witnessed the Neptune in Aquarius shadow — the eroding of freedom and the illusion of democracy:

“For all the talk of freedom that we’re hearing thrown around by politicians, we live in a time when it’s exceptionally scary, illegal or immoral to simply be yourself. We grow accustomed to news reports of increased clampdowns on civil liberties, and somehow accept that we’re supposed to be safer.” (Eric Francis, All Of Us Here)

neptuneThe toxic mimic of the felt connection of oneness is externally enforced conformity, standardization, and invasion of privacy — the Walmartization of the planet, the Big Brother technologies (ruled by Aquarius) of the encroaching police state. Children are being drugged at an alarming rate — 20 million in the U.S. — to make it possible for teachers to manage over-crowded classrooms and meet standardized testing goals.

Neptune rules drugs of all kinds, and the mass drugging of humanity — especially with drugs that alter brain chemistry — has been a largely uncommented-on, socially normalized phenomenon during Neptune’s tour through Aquarius, an invisible (Neptune) revolution (Aquarius). Anti-depressants are now the most commonly prescribed drugs in the U.S., and whether or not you’re taking them intentionally, you’re taking them through the water supply, which has been contaminated by pharmaceuticals.

The epidemic of what the medical industry diagnoses as “depression” could also be called alienation. The contemporary crisis of alienation — from our authentic selves, from other humans, from our ancestors, from the natural world in which we live — is rooted in the illusion of the separate self, the foundational lie of modern Western culture. If we don’t get the Neptunian lesson that we are “all one,” we believe that we are “all alone” — isolated in our private pain.

Neptune in Aquarius calls for addressing the crisis of alienation on a collective, social level — humans coming together to strengthen our felt sense of connection. Spiritual communities, group meditations and rituals, healing circles, neighborhood art projects, and collaborative ventures dedicated to relieving suffering are some possible manifestations.

Instead of creepy, invasive technologies like body scanners, etc. (shadow Neptune in Aquarius), the higher expression is the intentional use of energetic or spiritual technologies to effect positive change at the societal level. The Global Coherence Initiative, whose mission is “to unite people in heart-focused care and intention, to facilitate the shift in global consciousness from instability and discord to balance, cooperation and enduring peace” is one example.

Every Heart Makes a DifferenceDavid Icke recently launched another — Awakening the World… Every Heart Makes A Difference — inviting people to come together in a daily heart-centered meditation:

“People would be amazed if they knew the impact that humans are having on the Earth energy field minute by minute…. [W]e can have an incredible impact on opening the Earth’s energy field to the love, peace and harmony that will bring down the house of cards that depends on imbalance and incoherence for its very survival.”

Over the next six months, during Neptune’s final tour through Aquarius, our task is to recover and reclaim our felt sense of connection with our fellow humans, and the wider community in which we live. To dissolve the illusion of separation and alienation and remember the truth of our inherent kinship with all of life. To take the risk of revealing our freaky uniqueness, those parts of ourselves we fear will never be accepted, while understanding that, at the level of essence, we are truly all the same.

I’ll close with another quote from All Of Us Here — Eric Francis’s brilliant article on Chiron in Aquarius, which eloquently speaks to these Aquarian themes:

“In our moment of history we are rather unaccustomed to thinking in terms of collective solutions. We are trained to solve our problems in isolation, and that creates more isolation, which is the problem we are really trying to solve. In this light, we can be thankful for the problems that make us aware that there are other people living on the same planet as we are, that we face similar circumstances, and, as Aunt Josie was always fond of saying, that many hands make light work.”

– Emily Trinkaus

Note — A recording of my talk, Neptune Enters Pisces: Inspiring A New Vision, is now available for your listening pleasure here. Many thanks to those of you who came out to New Renaissance last Friday to hear the live version!