mercuryThe end of Mercury Retrograde is in sight. Since August 2, we’ve been compelled to slow down, revisit the past, and reconsider our dreams and desires. As Mercury stations — appears to stand still before reversing directions on Friday (3:03pm PDT) — we’re getting an extra-strong dose of this Retrograde energy, exacerbated by the potentially frustrating Mars-Saturn square.

Patience required. The cosmic message is to turn your attention inward, be with the Mystery, and listen to your heart. If you think you’re supposed to have all the answers and a clear plan for moving forward — think again.

Because of the Neptunian haze coloring this Retrograde, the lingering influence of the “shadow” period might be especially obvious. Although Mercury turns direct (forward) on Friday, we won’t fully emerge from the Retro effect until September 10.

neptuneMercury opposed Neptune on July 28 and August 8, and this aspect will repeat a third and final time on September 8. As I wrote in a previous post (Recovering Mythic Vision), the unconscious manifestation of Mercury-Neptune can look like fogginess, delusion, misperception, escapism and free-floating anxiety.”

But if we work with it intentionally, we have the potential to attune our awareness (Mercury) to the subtle realm of dreams, imagination, higher vision and oneness (Neptune). We can also use the dissolving energy of Neptune, god/goddess of the ocean, to let go of self-defeating beliefs and perceptions.

At the time of the station, Mercury in Leo forms a close trine — a harmonious, supportive 120-degree angle — to the North Node in Sagittarius, encouraging us to expand our perception, and lean into intuitive wisdom, our “inner teacher.”

Discernment, Service and Energy Management

Ideally, we emerge from this Retrograde with more clarity about our heart’s desires, and about the big picture of where we’re headed. Sunday’s New Moon in Virgo (8:04pm PDT) is a powerful time to set intentions and plant seeds for the future.

virgoThis New Moon has some serious traction. The Sun, Moon and Venus in Virgo form a Grand Trine with Jupiter in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn. The cooperation between these planets in the Earth signs — the element of pragmatism and manifestation — can yield tremendous, long-term, tangible results IF we actively work with the energy. A Grand Trine is considered the “luckiest” of alignments, but it’s passive unless we intentionally activate its power.

Pluto in Capricorn (2008-2024) reveals the entrenched corruption and abuses of power perpetuated by the “plutocracy” — the rule of the elite, wealthy few over the masses — and calls for the death of diseased, decaying, unsustainable social systems and structures. Pluto’s square to Uranus in Aries (peaking from 2012-2016) accelerates and intensifies this process, as the dark Underworld forces are liberated, and as humanity awakens to its power.

Jupiter’s trine to Pluto, in effect until next spring, helps us uncover and draw on the inner resources — the willpower, stamina, strength and persistence — that can support us through these wild times.

jupiterVirgo’s gift is discernment. The Virgo New Moon’s trine to both Jupiter and Pluto brings these larger forces down to the personal, day-to-day level, helping us discern where we as individuals fit into the greater story of now. In the context of collapsing economies, escalating violence, radiation poisoning, mass starvation and natural and unnatural disasters, where do we need to focus our energy? How can we best apply our skills and talents to be of practical service?

The New Moon also opposes the conjunction of Neptune and Chiron, which heightens our felt connection with the suffering of humanity and all living beings. We’ve been swimming in this energy for the past week, as the Sun exactly opposed Neptune in Aquarius on Monday and will oppose Chiron in Pisces on Friday.

Some less productive possibilities include overwhelm, depression, addiction, and a paralyzing case of “little me”how can I, as one puny, imperfect individual in the great sea of suffering, be of any use at all?

chironBut Virgo loves to be productive, and this New Moon wants us to get focused, identify one practical, here-and-now step forward, and get to work. We each have our own unique, small yet infinitely significant role to play in the collective drama.

As always, awareness is everything. Intentionally working with the Neptune-Chiron conjunction involves practicing “energy management.” As global chaos increases, and survival fear escalates in the mass consciousness, it becomes increasingly necessary to pay attention to and cultivate our own personal, high-vibration state of awareness.

Virgo is the Temple Priestess, purifying her environment, body, mind and emotions in order to be a clear channel for and connection with Source, represented by Pisces, Virgo’s opposite. As the sign of health and self-care, Virgo rules daily practices, rituals and routines — essential for maintaining vibrational integrity.

As I was finishing this post, I received the latest message from the Hathors, channeled by Tom Kenyon, which addresses exactly this issue:

Protection of your vibratory essence is vital. You are entering harrowing times and yet in this complexity there are immense opportunities for your own personal evolution…. [I]f your heart/mind is open you will have moments of deep communion with others, even strangers, whenever you look into the eyes of another human being who recognizes the sacredness of this moment, the sacredness of life, and the sacredness of this Earth.” (The Emergence of Multiple Chaotic Nodes)

– Emily Trinkaus