marsMars the Warrior — planet of action, assertion and anger — moved into watery, feminine Cancer on August 3, and is now entering Cardinal Grand Cross territory, amplifying the pressure of this tense configuration. Mars serves as a trigger for longer-term planetary influences, catalyzing into action changes that have been brewing beneath the surface.

Manifestations of Martian energy riling up the Cardinal Cross include riots in London, mass demonstrations in Israel, collapsing economies in the U.S. and Europe, and U.S. preparations to invade Somalia…

On a personal level, Mars in Cancer stirs up feelings, needs and desires that have been hiding out in the subconscious and now demand attention and expression. Irritation, frustration and general crankiness are signals that your inner world wants to be better aligned with your outer world.

The high-intensity points are today and tomorrow, as Mars squares Uranus (exact today, 9:33am PDT) and opposes Pluto (exact Wednesday, 10:14pm PDT). Mars’ final interaction with the Cross will be at the end of the month, on August 25, when he squares off with Saturn.

Yes, I have so much more to say about this influence, but due to other commitments, this week’s post is necessarily short! For more insights about Mars in Cancer and the Cardinal Cross, you can listen to the talk I gave Sunday night – Decoding the Cardinal Grand Cross.

– Emily Trinkaus