venus“Venus is so important now because we have such a need for support and love…. The feminine elements in our world are crying out for respect, power, guidance, and freedom.” – Barbara Hand Clow, AstroFlash!

Venus, the archetypal feminine, is stepping into the crucible of the Cardinal Grand Cross, instigating transformation in all Venusian arenas — love, money, attraction, receptivity, eroticism, sensuality, pleasure, peace, justice, balance, cooperation, art, beauty and worth.

As Venus moves through Cancer (July 3-28) — the “mostly missing” sign of the Cross — she forms hard angles to the slow-moving planets that are the main players in this rare cosmic configuration. The height of intensity is today and tomorrow, as Venus squares Uranus and opposes Pluto, and the third and final aspect will be Venus square Saturn on July 13.

Sensitive, nurturing, maternal Cancer prioritizes feelings, family, home and deep emotional bonds. Venus in Cancer asks: What’s the ideal container to nurture your significant relationships, strengthen your resources, and cultivate self-love and self-worth? Venus’s interaction with the Cardinal Cross disrupts traditional ideas of security, stability and comfort — especially when it comes to relationships and money — and pushes you out of your comfort zone to access these states at a deeper and more authentic level.

uranusVenus’s stressful square to Uranus — exact today at 2:44pm PDT — highlights the tension between closeness and freedom, past and future, security and innovation. Uranus the Great Awakener, planet of revolution, liberation and radical individuality, is now in Aries (until 2019), a speedy, action-oriented Fire sign that catalyzes forward movement. Uranus in Aries awakens the desire to pursue your passions and claim personal power.

Ideally, the Venus-Uranus shake-up helps you break free from old patterns of relating, and wake up to what you really love and value — and the ways that you are (or are not) valuing yourself. The challenge is to be true to who you are and what you want, while staying open, vulnerable and connected with the people you love.

Astro-blogger Willow writes:

“This Venus-Uranus square has the potential to be emotionally raw, feisty and unstable with squabbles and tempers kicked up seemingly out of nowhere – all depending on how far people really are from exerting themselves authentically and following their own impulses, rather than subverting those things to maintain emotional comfort, familiarity and status quo.” (The Cardinal Grand Cross…)

Amplifying the intensity of the square, Uranus is “stationing” — appearing to stand still in the sky before turning Retrograde on Saturday — and close to an exact square to Pluto. The square between Uranus and Pluto, which is the longest and therefore most powerful aspect in the Cross, won’t be exact until June of next year, but Saturday will be their closest connection so far.

Venus Opposite Pluto – Regenerating Relationships

plutoOn Friday (5:31pm PDT), Venus will exactly oppose Pluto, Lord of the Underworld, inviting out of the shadows whatever has been hidden or buried between partners, family members and close friends. Favorite Venus-Pluto issues include jealousy, possessiveness, abandonment and betrayal.

The higher potential of Venus-Pluto is to uncover and heal the wounds that block self-love, regenerate relationships, and deepen intimacy. New vitality and passion are available when you dare to shed a layer of old conditioning, belief systems, and emotional attachments. What is the secret that needs to be shared, the vulnerability that needs to be revealed, the defense that needs to be dropped?

Venus rules money, while Pluto rules debt, taxes and inheritances — the money we owe, as well as the money we receive from sources other than our own income. Venus in Cancer heightens the need for financial security, but Pluto in Capricorn signifies the long-term breakdown (and rebirth) of social systems and structures — including the economy. Deep-seated money fears, tied in with root-chakra survival fears, are ripe for healing. Breaking the cultural taboo around money by openly talking about your own money fears and “money issues” with a trusted friend or partner can support the healing process.

Another way to work with Venus-Pluto is to physically let go of old “stuff” — a powerful message to the multiverse that you’re ready to move on and invite new energy into your life. What are the possessions that you find truly beautiful and meaningful, that add value to your space and your life, and what are you holding onto out of fear, habit, or nostalgia?

“The Audacity to Love” – Venus trine Chiron, sextile Jupiter

jupiter“Tyrants don’t care if people hate them, as long as the people don’t love each other.” – quoted by Caroline Casey

Coinciding with Venus’s hard angles to Uranus and Pluto, the cosmos is gifting us with three cooperative aspects — energy to lean into for support as we ride the waves of intensity. Today is the first exact trine (120-degree angle) between Jupiter and Pluto (see Critical Turn on Planet Waves) and tomorrow Venus will harmonize with both Chiron and Jupiter.

Jupiter in Taurus — June 4, 2011-June 11, 2012 — amplifies sensory awareness, reconnecting us with our bodies and our home planet. Jupiter’s sparkly sextile (60-degree angle) to Chiron in Pisces, exact on July 2, continues to reverberate, inspiring the potential to reanimate the magic of the material realm, recover faith in our own sensory experience and reenter the miracle of ordinary, earthly existence (Vision, Healing and Reconnection).

Now, Venus’s involvement in the Jupiter-Chiron sextile activates this aspect — opening paths to unconditional, divine, ecstatic love, healing wounds of the heart, and expanding Cancerian notions of kinship and family to include all of humanity.

You can see a beautiful expression of Venus-Jupiter-Chiron in action in this video — The Audacity to Love — in which several exemplary humans explain the mission of the ingeniously named “The Audacity of Hope.” This ship, sponsored by US activists and carrying letters to the people of Palestine, was part of the Freedom Flotilla 2 — a coalition of ships from Europe, Canada, India, South Africa and parts of the Middle East — intending to break the blockade in Gaza and bring much-needed humanitarian supplies.

Unfortunately, the Greek government prevented The Audacity of Hope from leaving port, no doubt under pressure from both the Israeli and US governments. But the spirit of the attempt continues and can serve as inspiration for future action. Instead of waiting for the government to change its policy toward Israel and Palestine, American citizens came together, devoted their time, energy and resources and risked their lives to demonstrate love and solidarity with people under siege. As Angela Davis says in The Audacity to Love video, “It’s ordinary people who change history.”

– Emily Trinkaus