Mars“Self-empowerment is the most natural and treasured flowering of an awakened mind.” – Barbara Marciniak, Path of Empowerment

Mars the Warrior is now in Gemini (June 20-August 3), energizing the power of language, communication, media and the mind. Mars is approaching the South Node — old, self-sabotaging patterns that block our progress — and will make an exact conjunction on Saturday.

The Rupert Murdoch scandal is bringing into collective awareness the corrupt collusion between media and government — not exactly “news” to anyone paying attention. Mars conjunct the South Node in Gemini exposes the war of information, and the global elite’s manipulation of the group mind through the media.

Mars is the planet of personal power, vitality, confidence and action. The purpose of “the news” is to drain your power, leaving you depressed and hopeless:

“The relentless reporting and rehashing of catastrophic and traumatic events, with images of despair and destruction repeatedly planted into the minds of the viewers, create supreme states of anxiety and are, in reality, a form of psychological warfare. Authorities play with truths, half-truths, deceptions, and lies to render you hopeless, feeling it is pointless to do anything — this now passes as ‘the’ news, and it can rule your life.” – Barbara Marciniak, Path of Empowerment

Mars’ conjunction with the South Node highlights the necessity of unplugging mental energy from “the news” and instead listening to and acting on our own inner truth, and responding to what’s actually happening right in front of us. The bigger story of now, which will not be reported by the corporate media, is the end of the global elite’s control over humanity, which starts with freeing our minds and reclaiming mental sovereignty.

sagittariusThe best way forward is revealed by the North Node, in the opposite sign of Sagittarius:  trust your intuition and instincts, stand in your truth, follow your bliss, and focus on the big picture and higher vision. Unplug from the media barrage of misinformation (Gemini South Node) and plug into your own inner guidance (Optimism, Expansion and Vision).

The Sagittarius imperative to speak your truth requires taking a risk. At the collective level, we have a long history of truth-tellers meeting an untimely death or otherwise being punished and silenced. Sean Hoare, a key whistleblower in the phone-hacking scandal, was found dead on Monday, and, outrageously, “The death is currently being treated as unexplained but not thought to be suspicious” (UK Guardian). The global elite wants to send a message to those who dare to expose their abuse of power, but in so doing, they only further undermine their own credibility.

In our personal lives, speaking our truth means taking the risk of not fitting in and not being accepted — being exiled from the connections we value and think are necessary to our survival. But the Sagittarius North Node says, when we’re willing to take that risk, we experience a much deeper and more authentic level of connection, and the freedom and power that come with genuine self-expression.

– Emily Trinkaus