“The truth is always hidden somewhere else for a culture that has forsaken the evidence of its own senses.” – David Abram, interview with Derrick Jensen

solar eclipseA Solar Eclipse presents an opportunity to die to what you’ve outgrown and enter a new reality, one that feels foreign and often scary. The Sun — the light of consciousness — is eclipsed by the Moon’s shadow, and then is reborn. A super-powerful New Moon, a Solar Eclipse initiates a new cycle of growth that will develop over the next several months and beyond.

Wednesday’s Solar Eclipse in Gemini (2:17pm PDT) signals a death and rebirth in areas ruled by the sign of the Twins — connection, communication, perception, intelligence, learning, teaching, neighbors, neighborhoods, and siblings.

This is the first of three Eclipses, building up to a dramatic Solar Eclipse in Cancer on July 1 (see Entering Eclipse Season). June and July are accelerated growth periods, stirring up strong feelings that open you to new realms of awareness and launch you into uncharted territory.

Barbara Hand Clow writes: “connections with cosmic levels are very strong, causing many to access higher states of consciousness. Contact with multidimensional realms will increase through the June 15 lunar eclipse, which is in close alignment with the Galactic Center. Expect many joyful and creative moments amidst really crazy and intense time accelerations; just surrender and flow.” (AstroFlash!)

As the ruler of both connection and perception, Gemini says that how you connect — how you integrate into your everyday reality — depends on how you perceive the people and environment around you.

Gemini’s ruling planet, Mercury, is now in earthy, feminine, sensual Taurus. While the dominant culture prioritizes the intellect above all, perpetuating the split between mind and body, masculine and feminine, spirit and matter, Mercury in Taurus brings awareness to the intelligence of our bodies, our sensory experience, and the natural world.

neptuneAt the time of the Eclipse, Mercury forms a close square (90-degree angle) to Neptune in Pisces, infusing the atmosphere with surreal, mystical, and potentially confusing energies. Neptune, God of the Ocean, is preparing to turn Retrograde on Friday, making his presence particularly strong.

Mercury-Neptune wants to expand our perception into multidimensional consciousness, bring awareness to the magic of our own bodies and home planet, and increase connection and communication with our invisible allies of the spirit realm. The entry point into higher states of consciousness is through the portal of the body. As I wrote in a previous post, Accessing higher dimensions is not about floating up out of our bodies and off the planet. The higher dimensions can only be effectively navigated if we are grounded in our bodies and rooted to the Earth. (Earth Day)

Less consciously navigated, Mercury-Neptune can default into addiction, escapism and denial. In the face of the mind-boggling magnitude of global crises, and with Neptune in Pisces amplifying our sensitivity to the suffering of the world, it’s so very tempting to want to shut down, check out and go back to sleep.

Helpfully, the Gemini Sun and Moon form a supportive trine (120-degree angle) to Saturn, planet of pragmatism and responsibility (the ability to respond). Saturn in Libra stresses the necessity of relationship — we need partners, friends, collaborators and allies to effectively move forward. Saturn’s square to transformational Pluto and revolutionary Uranus calls for radically changing our approach to relationships, and expanding our concept of kinship to include all beings, seen and unseen.

The Saturnian influence also brings a dose of focus and clarity to airy, speedy Gemini energy that can potentially scatter in multiple directions and diffuse the power of this Eclipse. Slowing down is key to connecting with and accessing the body’s truth. Take time to listen to the wisdom of your senses, and discover what new reality wants to emerge. The most potent time for setting intentions is just after the Eclipse, though the magical power time lasts through the evening.

– Emily Trinkaus