“We have arrived at the apex point where the outcome always looks like it will be the worst, and this is when we are ripe for the creation of a new reality.” – Barbara Hand Clow, Liquid Light of Sex

solar eclipseFriday’s Solar Eclipse in Cancer (1:54am PDT) — the grand finale of Eclipse Season — promises to be the most volatile and game-changing of the trio, a turning point. Can you feel it??

Cancer the Crab rules the watery realm of deep emotions and the subconscious. Heightened sensitivity, and feelings of crankiness, anger and grief are signs that you’re tuning into the energies of this Eclipse. As the Sun and Moon unite in Cancer, they form tense squares to Saturn and Uranus, and oppose Pluto, catalyzing the Cardinal Grand Cross and inspiring, at the very least, discomfort. The uncomfortable feelings bring to awareness ways that you’re not feeling supported, nurtured, safe and secure.

A Solar Eclipse signifies a major new beginning, and often requires an ending. What has to die in order to clear space for what you really need? All Cancer-related areas of life are calling for change — home and homeland; family (especially mom) and close emotional bonds; ancestors, history, and memory; your inner and outer foundation of support.

If you have a copy of your birth chart and want to get more specific about what this Eclipse means for YOU, find the house in your chart where 9 degrees of Cancer lands. These are the areas of life where you are being called to “leave home” in some sense, to leave behind what’s familiar and comfortable in order to ultimately create a greater sense of security. Depending on how the Eclipse interacts with your birth chart, these changes may be more or less dramatic.

The Cardinal signs are the initiators of the zodiac, and this powerful activation of Cardinal energies inspires a big push forward to break through into new territory and break free from what’s become stagnant, what you’ve outgrown. It might be helpful to look back to what was happening in your life last summer, when the July 11 Cancer Solar Eclipse animated similar themes. But now the Cardinal Cross is in more precise formation, raising the stakes and increasing the pressure to take committed action.

cancerThe intensity of the feelings coming up around this Eclipse, and the explosive events on the world stage, can easily lead to the shadow expression of Cancer — the desire to withdraw into the safety of your shell, build a bigger wall of defensiveness around you, and close your heart. The challenge presented by this Eclipse is to stay open to the intense feelings coming up, let them move through you, and use them as fuel for change.

Eclipses bring a download of cosmic information, and this one apparently has a lot to say. To receive it you need to tune in emotionally and intuitively — taking time to meditate, if at all possible, is strongly recommended.

This Eclipse offers the opportunity to FEEL into the energies of the Cardinal Cross, to get clarity about what this time is asking of you, and how you can best participate in the creation of a new reality. Cancer says, start with what’s happening inside you. As Barbara Hand Clow writes, “Each person who takes microcosmic responsibility for the universal problem by seeing how it originates within is part of the solution to the macrocosmic mass dilemma” (Liquid Light of Sex).

– Emily Trinkaus

Friends, I have re-posted a talk I gave last summer about the Cardinal Cross, the bigger context of the end of the Age of Pisces, and the 2010 Cancer Solar Eclipse — Listen. If you missed my Summer Solstice talk, that’s also available on the same page.