solar eclipsePeople are going back and forth across the doorsill
where the two worlds touch.
The door is round and open.
Don’t go back to sleep. – Rumi

The Scorpio Full Moon on May 17 launched us into Eclipse Season — a high-pressure period of accelerated, intensified growth and change. Eclipses typically come in pairs, but this time we’ve got a trio, extending this Eclipse Season through the middle of July. The first — a partial Solar Eclipse in Gemini — is coming up on June 1.

Eclipses bring into the light what has been hidden or repressed, triggering powerful emotions and catalyzing into action longer-term changes that have been developing behind the scenes. Navigated consciously, Eclipses are portals, opening you to new cosmic information and higher states of awareness.

The June 1 Solar Eclipse is an extra-potent New Moon, animating all Gemini themes — the mind, perception, communication, information, media, learning and storytelling. While a typical New Moon initiates a month-long process (one lunar cycle), seeds planted at a Solar Eclipse develop for the next six months and beyond.

geminiIf you have a copy of your birth chart and want to get astro-technical, you can get more insight into what this Eclipse means for you. The house where you find 11 degrees Gemini shows the areas of life where you’re ready to hit the reset button.

An important reference point for this Eclipse is the Gemini Lunar Eclipse that struck last year on December 21, coinciding with the Winter Solstice. You’re likely to revisit themes that were activated at the end of last year. A Lunar Eclipse — an extra-potent Full Moon — signifies endings and culminations. I wrote then:

The higher potential offered by this Eclipse is to awaken to and release any thinking patterns, beliefs or perceptions that are keeping you from stepping into your true power. What is the old story that keeps you from living your highest purpose? …. The concurrence of the Lunar Eclipse and Winter Solstice deepens the seasonal and metaphorical darkness, presenting a powerful opening to die to what no longer serves you. (Releasing the Undesirable Story)

Reclaiming Mental Authority

“Vital for the Control System (the very few) to make slaves of the people (the enormous many) is to ensure that the people perceive and decode reality only through the lens of mind-body and maintain a life-time disconnection from the influence of their true and eternal self – Consciousness.” – David Icke

The bigger cosmic story of these times is the Cardinal Grand Cross of 2010-2014, reflecting humanity at a crossroads and ideally inspiring us to make radical changes before we self-destruct. The energies of this rare planetary alignment have been building as Saturn, Uranus and Pluto — the main players in the Cross — have been moving into a tense T-square. The upcoming Eclipses are trigger points in this long-term transformation, catalyzing into awareness the necessity to wake up and get moving.

Last summer, punctuated by dramatic Eclipses on June 26 and July 11, offered a preview of the kind of intensity and volatility we can expect this season. Now, in the aftermath of the Japan earthquakes, the stakes are even higher.

The Gemini Solar Eclipse focuses attention on the role of the mind in freeing ourselves from the dominant, self-destructive paradigm and birthing a new reality — the essential work required by the Cardinal Cross.

sagittariusThe second Eclipse this season, on June 15, will be a Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius — Gemini’s opposite. The Gemini-Sagittarius polarity is about the balance and integration of information and perception (Gemini) with higher consciousness and intuitive wisdom (Sagittarius). Gemini the Twins is the shapeshifter, ruling the idea that there are multiple truths, multiple realities coexisting simultaneously. Sagittarius rules the ultimate Truth that the only reality is consciousness, the Truth that connects us with our infinite Source self.

When Gemini is disconnected from Sagittarius (which pretty much characterizes the mainstream discourse), we get information without meaning, words without substance, and intellectual rationalizations divorced from ethics (e.g., justifications for torture and war).

The World Management Team is now, in Hillary Clinton’s words, “losing the information war.” Sources of independent, non-corporate media made readily available to the masses via the internet threaten the propaganda machine that ensures a compliant population. Attempts to control the free flow of information on the internet are on the rise, publicly led by Bill Clinton and Cass Sunstein.

The primary locus of the “information war” is within our own minds and consciousness. The first two Eclipses offer opportunities to renew perception, reclaim mental authority, and integrate intuitive knowing into everyday experience.

Gemini and Sagittarius are mutable signs, and the energies of the next month support making changes and adjustments. Open-mindedness, communication, flexibility and adaptability are key. We’re in a kind of preparation period for the culminating Eclipse of the season — the Cancer Solar Eclipse on July 1. Activating the “missing arm” of the Cardinal Cross, this final Eclipse will be a powerful initiation, an entry into new realities.

– Emily Trinkaus