“All of us are changing into new forms regardless of how much we understand, and… centering in the heart amidst the rising chaos is the way to co-create with Pluto, the most supportive of all astrological forces.” – Barbara Hand Clow, AstroFlash!

plutoPluto, Lord of the Underworld, is now “stationing” — appearing to stand still in the sky — preparing to turn Retrograde late tonight (April 9th at 1:51am PDT). We’re getting a major dose of the Dark Lord’s energy, stirring up feelings that have been hidden deep beneath the surface, and that now want to be acknowledged, healed and transformed.

In her Aries New Moon post (see AstroFlash!), Barbara Hand Clow writes about Pluto Retrograde: “[O]ur reflections on our own integrity and how we impact the world are of critical importance. Possibly the best name for Pluto is integrity, which is inherent honesty.” Pluto wants to strip away what is inauthentic, stagnant, diseased and decayed and reconnect you with your soul’s true mission. Pluto’s mantra is LET IT GO, and resistance is futile.

Adding to the intensity, Mars the Warrior, now in his home sign of Aries, is moving into a tense square (90-degree angle) with Pluto, which will be exact on Monday. Mars in Aries asks, What do you want? What are you passionate about? Where’s the fire? Where are you ready to take a brave risk?

marsMars’ square to Pluto signifies the meeting of your here-and-now individual desires and your soul’s mission on the planet, and the intersection of your personal actions with the broader collective transformation (with Pluto in Capricorn, we’re talking about the collapse of industrial civilization).

Wise Willow (of Willow’s Web), commenting on the Mars-Pluto square, writes:

“If we take this broader context into full consideration, we understand how important it is to be true to ourselves right down to the bone, core, soul at this time…. Our supposed leaders are intent on leading us right over a cliff, trashing the joint behind them. So what is there to lose in taking a shot in a direction that truly matters to you? What is there to lose in being exactly who you are, saying exactly what you feel — and relating to the people around you in that way?” (A Potent Pluto Retrograde…)

Transforming Our Relationship with the Underworld

“The inner Earth is a rich and live realm loaded with energy and consciousness, which offers new horizons in healing and awakening for humanity.” – Barbara Hand Clow, Alchemy of Nine Dimensions

uranusAs Pluto reverses (from our earthly perspective), he moves toward his exact square with Uranus — the most long-term and therefore strongest influence of the Cardinal Grand Cross. The square will get quite close to exact in July, before Uranus turns Retrograde on July 9th, and then will be exact seven times from 2012-2015. In other words, astrology is telling us that the intensity of these times has barely begun.

One of my wishes for the Uranus-Pluto square is an awakening (Uranus) to what Pluto — the Underworld — actually is, and revolutionizing our relationship with this realm.

According to Barbara Hand Clow’s 9-dimensional structure, the Underworld — the realm between the Earth’s core and surface — is the second dimension (2D). Rather than being “a dead world to be mined, exploited, and processed for the needs of 3D [the Earth’s surface],” 2D “is much richer and more brilliant, ancient, balanced, powerful, and conscious than we imagine” (Alchemy of Nine Dimensions).

Hand Clow explains that the ancients knew how to cooperate and harmonize with the world below, through alchemy, geomancy, shamanism, ritual and ceremony. But the Judeo-Christian tradition, characterizing 2D as “hell,” taught humanity to fear this realm. She writes:

“The reason we must understand our relationship with the lower realm is because 2D vibrates in our bodies whether we know it or not. When we resonate with lower-dimensional forces unconsciously, archetypal forces can take over our minds. We can be overwhelmed and controlled by others, which is why the Judeo-Christian system encourages fear instead of respect for the dark, yet we need to know the dark.” (Alchemy, emphasis hers)

While there are innumerable examples of the dangers of abusing the second dimension, the current nuclear crisis is raising the stakes and making the consequences unignorable. Uranium and Plutonium should never be removed from 2D and brought to the surface.

plutoniumUranus rules Uranium (which was discovered just after the discovery of Uranus), while Pluto rules Plutonium (discovered just after the discovery of Pluto). The last significant interaction between Uranus and Pluto was their conjunction (in Virgo) in the mid-sixties, when the first nuclear power plants were built.

The conjunction of two planets is like a “New Moon” phase — the seed planting, the new beginning. The opening square, which Uranus and Pluto are now moving into, is like the First Quarter phase, revealing the results of that new beginning. When those results are shown to be untenable (in this case, catastrophic), it’s time to change course.

The mid-sixties was also, of course, a time of incredible awakening of human consciousness — the higher expression of the Uranus-Pluto conjunction. The seeds for cultural revolution that were planted at that time are now ready to flower. Those born during that time are just stepping into our power.

If the Underworld, the second dimension, is indeed “the source of life on Earth” and the source of our power in the third dimension, then restoring our relationship with that realm is essential to reclaiming our power. Hand Clow suggests that one of the best ways to connect with the second dimension is to SLOW DOWN, since 2D is the slowest vibrating of all the dimensions.

It’s easy to get caught in the spin cycle of fear and panic — widely available frequencies, especially as Pluto stations and darker emotions rise to the surface. Don’t take the bait. Slow down, find your center, let your thoughts drop into your heart and dissolve. Send a grounding cord all the way to the center of the Earth. Consider that the dark and hidden realm beneath you is your ally, offering sustenance and support, eager to reconnect.

– Emily Trinkaus

Note to my fellow Portlanders: On Sunday, April 17 from 2:00-4:00, I’ll be offering a special event — Making Amends: Restoring Right Relationship with the Underworld. All are welcome, and all proceeds will benefit Green Action Japan — an organization working for a nuclear-free Japan. Please see the Events page for all the details.