“Nothing can stop the awakening on Planet Earth at this point. The awakening is in full swing, gaining momentum little by little every day.” – Lucia Rene

plutoThe newly re-born Aries Sun is moving into a square with Pluto, signifying the hero’s descent into the Underworld. In this chapter of the story, we are confronted with our deepest fears, and are compelled to strip away what is stagnant and inauthentic in order to access our full power.

The Sun-Pluto square, exact next Monday, asks: Are you willing to let go of what you’ve outgrown, what no longer holds energy for you, so you can follow the spark of vitality that’s calling you in a new direction? Do you have the courage to allow new life to flourish, even while the old world is crumbling around you? Are you afraid to get what you want?

While Aries rules personal power — individual will and intention creating a desired outcome — Pluto, as an outer planet (transpersonal force), is the kind of power that comes through us when we relax our egos and surrender control, let go of the “perfect plan” and trust our instincts to guide us.

Meanwhile, the opposition between Jupiter and Saturn, building for the past few weeks, will also be exact on Monday. Giant Jupiter, the principle of expansion, is now in Aries (January 22-June 4), amplifying the raw, passionate, life-force energy of this fiery sign — and the potential for every individual to step into their personal power. With Jupiter, the Sun, Uranus and Mercury all in Aries right now (and Mars joining the party on April 1st), there’s an abundance of fierce, fiery and fast-moving energy available.

saturnSaturn’s opposition to Jupiter advises us to manage this energy wisely. If we’re unconscious, it can be easy to be swept up in the whirlwind, the spin cycle of outside events, and then the potential of this vitality is dispelled into the ethers. As the energy accelerates, it becomes increasingly important to intentionally slow down, get grounded in our bodies, and connect with our hearts, our feelings and intuition.

We have to take responsibility (Saturn) for our own state of inner peace, balance and harmony (Libra), even and especially in the context of violence, suffering and chaos. Saturn says that when we don’t claim our own authority, we surrender it to an outside force to be controlled by others. In this case, if we don’t take responsibility for owning and directing our own life force energy, it will be directed for us.

In the bigger picture, Saturn’s opposition to Jupiter reflects attempts by “The Man” (Saturn) — the politicians masquerading as legitimate leadership — to squelch the rising tide of humanity’s awakening. The bombings and torture and repression are not signs of the Empire’s strength, but of weakness. As Lucia Rene, author of Unplugging the Patriarchy, writes in her latest newsletter:

The global elite is like a cornered animal at this point — flailing about, lashing out at anything, hoping beyond hope that something will turn the tide in its direction. We actually welcome these assaults. It forces our backs up against the wall. And when our backs are up against the wall, we can make extraordinary leaps in consciousness.”

The square from Uranus the Great Awakener in Aries to Pluto in Capricorn (the sign ruled by Saturn) is the longer-term unfolding story of our time, also resonant of this dynamic. Uranus’s revolutionary wake-up call to humanity is brilliantly expressed by The Wayseer Manifesto, which begins with: “All you rule-breakers, you misfits & troublemakers, all you free-spirits & pioneers… Everything the establishment has told you is wrong with you — is actually what’s right with you.”

The part of Pluto in Capricorn (in its shadow expression) is being played by the entrenched, corrupt establishment, the World Management Team and their obscene wars on humanity and the Earth. But Pluto shows what is dying, and Pluto in Capricorn signifies the death of the old order.

This revolution has no leaders — we are all the leaders. And we each participate in and contribute to the global awakening by reclaiming our own energy, our own state of consciousness, our own bodies and feelings and instincts. When we are sovereign, we cannot be controlled.

– Emily Trinkaus

Note: My Spring Equinox talk, where I explore the energies of this Spring, including the Uranus-Pluto square, and offer a cosmic context for global crises and catastrophes, is now available for your listening pleasure here.