“The consciousness activation is rolling out the red carpet for all of us during the Universal Underworld — March 9 — not just paving the royal path for oil sheiks and cruel despots. Inspired by the remarkable bravery of our fellow humans, our hearts are blasting open as well.” – Barbara Hand Clow, AstroFlash!

NeptuneAs the world around us rapidly changes, as humans claim their freedom and the old structures crumble, today’s New Moon in Pisces inspires the imagination, compassion, higher vision and expanded consciousness needed to accommodate these massive shifts.

I wrote about the Pisces deluge — the line-up of five planets in the sign of the Fish — in my previous post. Now, at the New Moon, la Luna gets in on the action, heightening our ability to really FEEL these energies. The New Moon is also a power time, when we can consciously work with the cosmic forces to create a new reality.

The essence of Pisces is oneness — our inherent interconnectedness with All That Is. Uranus, the planet that rules humanity, is now at the last degree of Pisces, and the awakening of the collective consciousness is reaching a culmination point. When Uranus moves into fiery Aries on March 11th, we can expect an acceleration of revolutionary action inspired by the felt sense of oneness.

On March 9th — just after the New Moon, and just before Uranus moves into Aries — we enter the Universal Underworld of the Mayan Calendar. I highly recommend Barbara Hand Clow’s report on the New Moon (see AstroFlash!) because she weaves in this critical information. In brief, here’s her advice for this time: “You must draw your consciousness out of negativities and join the positive flow because the Universal Underworld is going to throw everything into outrageous spinning vortexes.”

The Pisces New Moon is a powerful time to set your intentions for aligning with the “positive flow,” to imagine the highest possible vision both for yourself and for all beings. The New Moon is exact at 12:46pm PST, but the New Moon power time continues throughout the day and into tomorrow.

Take time by yourself to meditate, dream, imagine, vision. Feel in your heart your inherent connection with all life, with your true infinite self, and with Source. Let that feeling inspire you to expand into your full brilliance and power.

– Emily Trinkaus