pisces“Emotions are the inner water of life, intended to be in a constant altering flow through which spirit, the eternal, the creative gets attracted into the living body, mind and soul.” – Michael Meade, The Great Dance

There’s some seriously snoozerific energy going on right now. Five planets are congregating in Pisces — the sign of sleep, dreams, and the unconscious.

Pisces also rules illness, and there seems to be plenty of that going around as well. Getting sick is often the only way to get people to slow down, and that’s exactly what this Pisces line-up is calling for. Pisces wants you to tune out the noise of the external world, turn inward, and pay attention to your feelings and intuition.

The Sun moved into Pisces on February 18th, initiating the “Pisces season.” Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, and the Sun in Pisces signals the end of the astrological year. This is a time for resting, retreating, letting go of the old, and dreaming up a new vision.

Word to the wise: take some down time now, because once the Sun moves into Aries — the first sign of the zodiac — it’s full speed ahead. The Spring Equinox on March 20th, featuring four planets in Aries, is not fooling around.

In terms of the bigger picture (signified by the slower-moving planets), Chiron the Wounded Healer just moved into Pisces on February 8th, and will be there for the next 8 years (see Encountering the Invisible).

Uranus the Great Awakener, in Pisces since 2003 (see Returning to Source), is now at the very last degree of the sign, getting ready to move into Aries on March 11th. In these last days of Uranus in Pisces, review your own revolution in consciousness from the past seven years, and consider how to bring that inner work into the realm of action.

And Neptune — the modern planetary ruler of Pisces — will move into Pisces on April 4th. This year we’ll just get a brief preview of this placement, from April 4th to August 4th, but in February 2012, Neptune will move back into Pisces for a 14-year stay.

So what does it all mean? I gave a talk last week about this deluge of Piscean energy — Awakening to Our Divinity and Dissolving the Separate Self — and you can listen to it here.

Rest well, and pay close attention to your dreams.

– Emily Trinkaus