“In the broken-open heart you will find a fountain of deathless passion that will never run dry.” – Rumi

full moonThe energy is building towards Friday’s Full Moon, which is actually late night on Thursday (12:36am PST, to be exact). The Full Moon is in fiery, festive Leo, and the annual Leo Full Moon is typically a time to celebrate, express your creativity, and let your uniqueness shine.

This one is a little different.

Every month, the Full Moon is when we have the greatest access to our emotions. What has been swimming beneath the surface rises into conscious awareness, inspiring waves of feeling, revelation and breakthrough — and, in more extreme cases, lunacy (hence those busier-than-usual emergency rooms and police stations).

The planetary alignments at the time of the Full Moon reveal the emotional tone of each particular lunation, and at this Full Moon, the Sun will be straddled by Neptune the Dissolver and Chiron the Wounded Healer. Chiron just recently moved into Pisces, and now we get to really FEEL this influence.

As I wrote about last week (see Encountering the Invisible), Chiron in Pisces triggers the wounds of separation — from our own bodies and inner wisdom, from our fellow humans, from the non-human animals and plants all around us, from the planet and solar system and galaxy we inhabit, and from Source itself. The wound of living in a culture that denies our interconnectedness with all life, and that denies the existence of the invisible realm of intuition, imagination, spirit and dreams.

Neptune — the modern ruler of Pisces — dissolves the boundaries that enforce the illusion of separateness, revealing the truth that we are all one. Neptune is now in Aquarius, the sign of humanity, and Neptune’s conjunction with Chiron (in effect for the past two years — see Opening to Oneness and The Body Is the Guide) amplifies our felt connection with the suffering of the collective, which is then further amplified by the Full Moon. (You can see how that might put a damper on the festive Leo energy.)

The part of the body ruled by Leo is the heart, and this Full Moon wants to break our hearts open — not to destroy us, but to dissolve these old wounds of separation.

If we can open to the feelings that arise and allow them to flow through us, rather than closing our hearts to the pain, the fire of the heart can burn more brightly. From this heart-centered place, we can see with innocent eyes, opening new possibilities for inspired action.

What is the most creative response to the current crises? What is the unique gift we each came to give? How can we as individuals bring more Light to the planet in these dark times?

– Emily Trinkaus

Note to those of you in and around Portlandia: I’ll be giving a talk at New Renaissance Bookshop next Tuesday (2/22), 7-9pm, all about Chiron and Neptune in Pisces. Astrologer Mark Dodich will also be speaking. Please join us!!