“Real fearlessness is the product of tenderness. It comes from letting the world tickle your heart, your raw and beautiful heart. You are willing to open up, without resistance or shyness, and face the world. You are willing to share your heart with others.” – Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche, Shambhala: The Sacred Path of the Warrior

jupiterExpansive Jupiter entered feisty Aries on January 22nd, and the new year shifted into high gear. What’s been developing behind the scenes is now bursting into form.

Whatever has been hidden or unconscious is becoming visible (Aries rules the eyes). As the truth comes to light, it’s time to take action, make changes and move forward.

Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, is the pioneer, the leader, the risk-taker, and the warrior. Jupiter in Aries (until June 4th) initiates a new 12-year cycle, supporting brave new beginnings.

Sudden changes, relentless busyness, and erupting crises seem to be some of the more obvious manifestations of Jupiter in Aries. We can expect the energy to heat up and speed up when Uranus also moves into Aries, on March 11th.

Jupiter dipped his big toe into Aries from June 6th to September 9th last year, offering a preview of this high-velocity energy. Think back to what was happening during that time — maybe there were hints about, or little seeds planted for, what is now emerging.

Jupiter in Aries rewards courage, authenticity, innovation, creativity and individuality. Opportunities open up when you take the initiative, trust your instincts and desires, and go after what you want.

The Jupiter in Aries shadow? Hyper-yang energy unleashed — volatility, aggression, arrogance, rage, violence, war.

The Saturn Retro Slow-Down

saturnOn January 25th, just a few days after Jupiter entered Aries, Saturn turned Retrograde. While Jupiter urges you to dream big and go for it, Saturn Retro says, Not so fast!

Saturn is now in Libra the Scales — the sign opposite Aries. Saturn in Libra teaches the importance of love, equality, collaboration, peace and justice.

Ultimately, Saturn in Libra wants BALANCE, and while Saturn is Retrograde — until June 12th — our job is to take responsibility for restoring equilibrium. The Jupiter-in-Aries-inspired crises offer clear signals as to where we have lost our balance.

Libra is the sign of partnership, and this Saturn Retro period may involve rethinking, renegotiating and restructuring relationships. Now that Jupiter is in Aries — stirring up your desire to express your individuality and pursue your personal goals and passions — significant relationships may need to adjust.

The Rise of the Peaceful Warrior

Pray the Devil Back to HellThe highest expression of the Aries-Libra polarity is the Peaceful Warrior. If you want to see a powerful illustration of this archetype, watch Pray the Devil Back to Hell — a documentary about how the women of Liberia ended a brutal civil war through peaceful action. I watched it the other night, and it rocked my world.

Dear reader: if you’re feeling powerless in the face of the vast, murderous, seemingly unstoppable machine of Empire, if you think that there’s nothing little old you can do to make a difference, if you need a jolt of inspiration, please watch this movie.

After years of witnessing their families mutilated and killed, their daughters raped, their sons turned into child soldiers, a group of Liberian women started coming together to pray for peace. Christian and Muslim women joined forces, and they went from praying to demonstrating to demanding that the government leaders and the war lords sign a peace treaty.

These courageous women managed to end a civil war that was terrorizing their country, demonstrating the power of peace, the power of prayer, and the power of the feminine.

Uranus in Aries will further activate the Warrior archetype, and we want to have strong internal structures in place to be able to effectively work with this energy. When we’re connected with our hearts and feeling balanced, and when we’re willing to cooperate and collaborate with everyone, we are more powerful than we can imagine. We don’t need to know how it will all unfold, we just need to start where we are, trust our instincts, and take the next step forward.

– Emily Trinkaus