“Chiron in Pisces is about helping us see what we have been missing or not paying attention to.” – Eric Francis, Chiron in Pisces – the Missing Piece

piscesChiron the Wounded Healer enters Pisces today, until February 2019. Chiron triggers deep pain that is ready to be acknowledged, felt and healed, and in Pisces, we’re talking about wounds of the spirit.

The shadow expression of Pisces is addiction, escapism, illusion and victimization, and Chiron’s entry into Pisces signals that these modern-day epidemics will be acutely activated — and, ideally, transformed — over the next eight years.

At the root of these Piscean shadows is the pain of feeling separate — from one another, from the Earth and natural world, from the galaxy, from Source.

The ultimate Pisces lesson is that we are all one, and yet we live in a culture that enforces the illusion of the separate self. Pisces rules the invisible realm of dreams, imagination, intuition and magic, and yet we live in a culture that enforces the illusion that “reality” is limited only to what can be perceived with the five senses and rational mind. The ideal expression of Pisces is enlightened consciousness, and yet we live in a culture that enforces unconsciousness — so many ways to numb out, escape, avoid, repress and deny.

Chiron in Pisces calls for healing the pain of separation, and Chiron’s healing method is to enter the wound and feel the pain. As I wrote in a previous post:

Feeling the pain, scary and overwhelming as it can seem, opens the heart, and brings us into a state of compassion and unconditional love. Opening the heart reconnects us with Source by dissolving the barriers we had erected out of fear, all the ways we learned to defend ourselves…. Chiron teaches that the only way out is through, and that the pain itself holds a gift. What will it take to feel the pain, the grief, that we’ve been avoiding all our lives? (Chiron Enters Pisces)

Healing the Waters of Consciousness

We got a preview of Chiron in Pisces from April 19th to July 20th last year. Ring any bells? Just after Chiron shifted into Pisces — the sign that rules both the ocean and oil — the Deepwater Horizon exploded in the Gulf of Mexico, setting off “the largest accidental marine oil spill [sic] in the history of the petroleum industry” (Wikipedia) and arguably the worst eco-catastrophe of our lifetimes. (I think the word “spill” is inaccurate and a bit ridiculous in this context.)

For a few months, we Americans were confronted with our suicidal/ecocidal addiction to oil, with the deathly pollution of the Earth’s waters, with the disastrous consequences of surrendering our power to corporations and government. Images of marine animals and birds coated in oil, dying slow and painful deaths — the incredible suffering caused by human unconsciousness — were suddenly in our faces, unignorable.

On July 15th, just a few days before Chiron moved out of Pisces for a brief Retrograde tour back into Aquarius, “the leak was stopped by capping the gushing wellhead, after it had released about 4.9 million barrels, or 205.8 million gallons of crude oil” (Wikipedia). The corporate media declared the disaster successfully dealt with, Obama ate crustaceans from the Gulf and jumped in for a swim, and the masses went back to sleep. End of story.

Of course, in reality, the disaster is far from over, and I suspect that Chiron’s return to Pisces will bring the truth of the suffering in the Gulf of Mexico — and the broader issue of the state of the Earth’s waters — back into mainstream awareness.

The aftermath of the Deepwater disaster has been called “the biggest cover-up in U.S. history” — a bold claim, considering the outrageous cover-ups of even just the past decade. Oil is only part of the problem. More than a million gallons of the “dispersant” Corexit, banned for years in Europe, have been dumped into the Gulf, toxifying the water, the animals who live there, the humans who live on the coast, and anyone who dares to eat sea creatures. (For information about the current state of the Gulf, see independent journalist Dahr Jamail’s excellent report.)

On a symbolic level, the ocean represents consciousness, and the poisoning of the ocean reflects the poisoned state of our collective consciousness. The Deepwater disaster is only the latest, and perhaps most extreme, assault on the water, but unfortunately it’s nothing new. Plastic — also ruled by Pisces — is quickly taking over the ocean (see Chris Jordan’s work on Midway Island, and the “Great Garbage Patch“). Pharmaceuticals — yup, also ruled by Pisces — are endangering our water supply (see Alternet). And so on.

In the face of the tremendous challenge of cleaning up the water and cleaning up our own consciousness, it can be easy to sink into overwhelm and despair, which can easily lead back to escapism and addiction.

Instead, it’s helpful to bring in a dose of Virgo, the sign opposite Pisces, who says — start where you are, start small, and do something practical in the here and now. On that note, I’ll end, as I started, with astrologer Eric Francis’s wise words on Chiron in Pisces:

“Love is always available. We have the option to dismiss the notion of ‘separate’ interests. We have the option to act on our creative ideas and desires and not just hang out thinking about doing so. And you who have done a thousand yoga classes, gone to retreats and intensives and trained in different healing modalities who isn’t quite doing anything with all those gifts: I’m here as Chiron’s personal spokesperson to let you know it’s time to get busy.” (Chiron in Pisces – the Missing Piece)

– Emily Trinkaus