“There’s an ancient tradition that the world is… waiting, breathless for each of us to take our place in it.” – David Whyte, Making A Friend of the Unknown

Solar EclipseIf you haven’t already made your new year’s resolutions, GREAT. Much better to wait until Tuesday’s Solar Eclipse, a super-power-house day for setting intentions. If you have made your resolutions, I recommend re-setting them on Tuesday (we’re still under the Mercury Retro influence, so all RE- words continue to apply).

The Solar Eclipse — an extra-potent New Moon — is in Capricorn, the most pragmatic of the Earth signs. Now is the time to get clear about what you want, what you’re truly committed to, what you’re willing to work for, and what you want to manifest over the next year and beyond. Unlike your average New Moon, a Solar Eclipse often involves an ending as well as a beginning. What do you need to release to create space for what you really want?

At the time of the Eclipse, the Sun and Moon are forming a square to Saturn — the planetary ruler of Capricorn — stressing the necessity for realistic thinking and practical decision-making. The gift of this Eclipse is revealing what is and isn’t working in your life, so you can decide how to move forward from here.

SaturnCapricorn and Saturn rule WORK — not your job, but your life’s work, your higher purpose. This Eclipse calls for coming into alignment with the work you came here to do, and taking concrete steps to bring that work into reality. If you already feel “on path,” then this Eclipse is about stepping it up, taking on greater power and responsibility, and getting more ambitious about manifesting your vision in the world.

2011 is not a year for holding back, playing it small, or making half-assed efforts, and this Eclipse is the cosmic jumpstart to rev us into high gear.

If you’ve got a copy of your birth chart and some astro-technical know-how (or a friendly astrologer in your midst), you can find out where the Eclipse is happening in your own life. Find the house in your chart where 13 degrees Capricorn lands. This is the area to focus your intentions, where you are initiating a major new beginning, and where you may also need to let go of something you’ve outgrown.

Spiritual Awakening and Transformation

“To become able to perceive the real presence of the sacred is surely the point of it all. If we came into direct communication with that, we would know what to do: how we ought to care for the earth and what our particular life task might be.” – Martha Heyneman, The Breathing Cathedral

UranusThe cosmos is not being subtle these days. On December 21st, a dramatic Lunar Eclipse coincided with the Winter Solstice — for the first time in about 400 years. Now, the same day as the Solar Eclipse, giant Jupiter will make his third and final exact conjunction with revolutionary Uranus.

The first exact meet-up of Jupiter and Uranus was on June 8th, when both planets made a brief visit to Aries (see Awakening Warrior Consciousness). This conjunction offered a preview of the amped-up super-speedy energy that is coming in full-force this spring. Their second union was September 18th, when they were both Retrograde in Pisces (see Returning to Source).

Now, their third and final conjunction signifies a culmination of a process that started last spring — ideally, a process of awakening to higher consciousness and freeing ourselves from old stories and beliefs that limit our potential and possibility. This conjunction is also the grand finale of Uranus’s seven-year journey through Pisces, an accelerated period of spiritual awakening (see Pioneering A New World). Pisces rules the invisible realm of dreams, the imagination, magic, intuition, higher vision and Source.

According to Barbara Hand Clow, the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction, which squares the Galactic Center, “heralds the spiritual transformation of the whole world.” (AstroFlash!)

“The Dream Drives the Action”

“Your imagination is the most powerful tool for creating, and when you focus your attention with clear conscious intent, you set an internal program into motion, one that will determine your experience of the outer world.” – Barbara Marciniak, Path of Empowerment

PiscesThe concurrence of this burst of magical, miraculous, consciousness-awakening energy with the most pragmatic lunation of the year (the Capricorn Solar Eclipse) sends a crucial message.

We’ve been taught to think that imagination and pragmatism are at odds with one another, that in order to be “realistic” we have to sacrifice our dreams, that to make money and survive in this harsh world we have to compromise our spiritual ideals. Controlled by fear, we disown, disconnect from, and drown out with various addictions the promptings of our soul. This cynical, shadow expression of Capricorn/Pisces ensures that we remain powerless victims of our experience.

This Eclipse calls for the re-wedding of the highest expression of Pisces — connection with Source and spiritual clarity, compassionate service, visionary brilliance — with the highest expression of Capricorn — practical action, commitment to long-term goals, responsibility and integrity.

To create the world we want to live in, we first need a guiding vision. As Caroline Casey is fond of saying, “Imagination lays the tracks for the reality train.” Or, in Thomas Berry’s words, “the dream drives the action” (from his foreword to The Breathing Cathedral).

What’s your highest vision for yourself, for all beings everywhere, for the Earth? Let yourself imagine that you are an infinite being. Believe that you are. Let yourself imagine that you could have anything you want. Believe that you can.

The Eclipse is actually late Monday night — 12:52am PST — which means it won’t be visible from the U.S. In case you’re not a night owl and not apt to set your intentions in the wee hours, no worries. The New Moon power time continues into Tuesday.

I gave some suggestions for how to work with New Moon energy in a previous post, which you might find useful. Or not. However you choose to set your intentions, what’s important is to take the time to tune in, clarify your dreams and desires, and animate your commitment to the most miraculous future you can imagine.

– Emily Trinkaus