UranusUranus, planet of revolution, breakthrough and liberation, is preparing to turn from Retrograde to Direct. When a planet “stations” — appears to stand still before changing directions — we get a strong dose of that planet’s energy. The Great Awakener’s dramatic turn-around animates all things unusual, unexpected and unconventional, and stirs up the urge for radical change. Exact on Sunday at 5:50 pm PST, the station follows a New Moon in Sagittarius at 9:36 that morning.

Uranus is now completing a seven-year tour through Pisces, the sign of imagination, dreams, consciousness, imagination and faith. While Uranus has been Retrograde, since July 5th, our task has been to restore, revive and replenish our relationship with the invisible realm (see Returning to Source).

In addition to coinciding with the New Moon, Uranus’s final station in Pisces is amplified by his conjunction with Jupiter, the planet of expansion. These two slow-moving planets were exactly united on June 8th and September 18th, and will be again on January 4th.

On March 11th, Uranus will shift into Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, initiating a new 84-year cycle. Uranus is a wild, unpredictable Trickster, while Aries is passionate, impatient and bold. It’s full speed ahead, all systems go. We got a preview of this energy last summer, when both Uranus and Jupiter made brief visits to Aries (see Pioneering a New World).

PiscesOver the next few months, while Uranus completes his journey through Pisces, breakthroughs and revelations are at hand, opportunities to free ourselves from the illusions that keep us feeling separate from one another, from Source and from the Earth.

“Drugs, Delusion and Denial”

The lessons of Uranus in Pisces are echoed by Neptune in Aquarius (1998-2012). While Uranus is traveling through the sign ruled by Neptune (Pisces), Neptune is traveling through the sign ruled by Uranus (Aquarius) — in astro-speak, this phenomenon is called “mutual reception.”

Aquarius and Uranus rule the collective, and the shadow expression of Neptune and Pisces is, in the words of astrologer Eric Francis, “drugs, delusion and denial:”

What we are living through today is a vast setup. It is difficult to imagine the combination of media overload, personality-altering drugs, hyper-emphasis on glamour and appearance,  fundamentalist religion and a general climate of ‘who gives a shit’ in the face of the most serious issues we’ve ever witnessed, being more over-the-top. Add a really thick layer of denial, which seems necessary to get through the day.” (All Of Us Here)

Cultural support for living in illusion is widely available. In fact, it seems to take a deliberate, ongoing effort not to get sucked into the ever-seductive sea of unconsciousness. The ongoing conjunction of Neptune with Chiron the Wounded Healer — which is exact now — brings to awareness both the pain of living in illusion, as well as the pain that surfaces when we become aware of and attempt to extricate ourselves from illusion.

Breaking out of the illusion involves facing the fear of being different, standing in our own truth, feeling the pain that led us to numb out in the first place. But on the other side of that pain is freedom.

“Fiery Awakening”

ChironSunday’s New Moon activates the sign Sagittarius, represented by the Centaur — half-man and half-horse. This lunation awakens our animal selves, our instinctual, wild, natural selves. The part of our psyche that trusts our intuition, feelings and impulses. The human half of Sagittarius signifies higher consciousness, which when wedded to our bodies and instincts, resonates in truth, wisdom and freedom.

Barbara Hand Clow calls the Sagittarius New Moon “our annual fiery awakening” — “higher perspectives pierce the mundane world and we can see the truth” (AstroFlash!). Willow writes that this New Moon is “an opening into renewed faith, renewed inspiration and a renewal of our ultimate guiding truth in light of the very tricky times in which we find ourselves living…. This New Moon portal opens new emotional territory for us along these lines that sustains us going forward from this point” (Willow’s Web)

This New Moon is particularly significant because it initiates what I fondly refer to as “Eclipse Season” — a period of accelerated growth and change. The energy is building toward a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Gemini on December 21st, coinciding with the Winter Solstice. On January 4th, a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Capricorn launches 2011 on a dramatic note.

Seize the moment. Make use of Sunday’s potent cosmic energy by reconnecting with your inner truth, your body and instincts. Set the intention to liberate yourself from whatever illusions keep you feeling separate, isolated and powerless.

– Emily Trinkaus